The 2020 NY Knick-er-Bockers (Or, simply, the latest brand fresh new era of rebirth)


To Infamy and beyond!

... is this the rallying cry of ?Gen. spoiled sprat Dolan? and ?the slick and slithering Mills? ... from 1999-2000, the new millennium, the Reich of 1K years, Y2K, across the very fabric of time-space, through one-fifth of the 21st century...

... From the ignominious end of Ewing?s tenure at 34th and 7th, fueled by an unrelenting and methodical succession of follies, scandals, and escapades, all the way until now and the utter demise of a once proud franchise...

The Mecca... the playground... an icon buoyed by the thrill of of 1964 ROY Willis Reed, from the dynasty of the original GSW... Frazier, Bradley, Monroe, deBUsH... 1970, 1973... Ping Pong mania mid-80s... the 1990s rugged Knicks and battles with MJ and Indy...

1994, 1999. HOU and SA (darn you Texas).

OJ!!!, ever since you... game 6? Since then... Starks building a brick house (just a metacarpal too short)...

Ewing missed finger roll, the 4-point play, Smith blocked 4 times... Reggie shoves Hubert? PJ flips Ward and Ewing only took a small step on the court to ogle...
The venomous Dream Shake... Against MIA Houston scores! Camby Bambi, Spree tomahawk. Amar?e. Curry. Harrington, Duhon, Hughes. Red! Rory and King... Skywalker! Lee and Nate and Wilson and Rod...



2000-present, aside from Linsinity, maybe a dollup of Marbury and a dab of Melo circa 2012.... not much else!

Thank You Mills and Dolan.

We know Mills ran out KP and everybody else, out of MSG... is a rat who lied to control media narrative. We know he?ll be out, but what does that mean?

RE-assigned to another division at MsG, to whom the next GM-Prez savior will
have to report to!?!

So we draft a ball and hire a female coach (Pops asst)?

Trade a first and a second and a player for Masai U? Hire Presti or RC Buford?

Bring back Van Gundry, Jackson, Thibbs?

Where to... I abide... where the future leads, the past guides. In the age of ?if it bleeds
It leads? and make-believe... pray tell, what you surmise?
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Me' thinks you wax poetic.

Mafra the Bard of

Kudos to our Bard that 'hath put down in words so eloquent the deeds and actions of all those years of dubious actions, missed opportunities and uncertain destiny.


The Knicks trading Walt Clyde Frazier to the Cavs back in the daze became a big drop in the population at MSG, practically half of the Knick fans went to the Felt Forum to watch the ABA Nets.
The Knicks not resigning the 50 pt scorer Bernard King whom star performance with Bill Cartwright raised the price of MSG tickets 3 times.
The Knicks trading their 18th pick in the 1987 draft Mark Jackson to the WORTHLESS Clippers in 1992. whom Mark Jackson teamed-up with Bill Cartwright in Mark rookie season to win the ROY, plus both Mark & Bill taught and mentor the raw performing Patrick Ewing how to perform as a 2-Way winning star center, and master the pickNroll.
The Knicks traded Patrick Ewing Mentor Bill Cartwright to the Chicago Bulls to give the MJ/Pippin Bulls show the Big-Body center in the paint to win 3 consecutive NBA Final Titles. The Knicks did that by taking a lazy 3 quarter performing big mouth Charles Oakley from the Bulls roster in the trade for Bill Cartwright.
The Knicks owner James Dolan has been running the Knicks organization the past 2 decades like the 1980's Last-chance Loser LA Clippers organization, by never hiring developing coaches for the staff, or strategic team-chemistry head-coaches. Nor do Dolan's organization let the head-coach & GM get on the same-page.
It has been two decades since the Knicks had two or more players perform on a same-page chemistry since .. Camby Thomas Houston Spree & Childs, or Ewing Oakley & Starks, or Cartwright King & R.Williams, or Richardson R.Williams Knight & Cartwright, or Reed Bradley DeBush Clyde & Earl.
The Knicks center & forwards hasn't jelled together in a lineup since Camby & Kurt Thomas, and the Knicks two guards has not jelled together in a lineup since Ward & Houston were on the court together. The Knicks system went ISO by getting individual ball-hogger star players like Marbury & Melo the past two decades.