The 2022-23 NBA Play-In & Playoff


End of 3rd Quarter ... Miami 71 - Denver 70
So far Butler played 29 minutes, shooting 2-10 from FG scoring 8 pts, 3 rbds, 4 ast, and 3 steals

Who's Gonna get outscored on in the 4th quarter ???


7 min remain in game, Nuggets 81 - Heats 76
And the 37 yr old Lowry has played 30 minutes
And Butler's performance is showing he played 22 postseason games
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The West #1 Seed Denver Nuggets beat the East #8 seed Miami Heats - 94-89 in Game 5
To WIN the 2022-23 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP .. 4-1 series

Jokic 28 points and 16 rebounds gets the Game MVP !!!

The Miami Heats Fans will blame Butler (only) for Game 5 LOSS !!!


Let it forever be remembered that Phil “asleep on the job” Jackson drafted Cleanthony Early ahead of MVP Nikola Jokic.


RJ Barrett turns 23 today.

Barrett is one of only four players in NBA history to tally at least 4,900 points, 1,000 rebounds, 500 assists and 400 made three-pointers before turning 23.

The other three players in this club are: LeBron James,
Kevin Durant and
Luka Doncic

Through his first 16 career playoff games, Barrett has averaged 17.8 points, 5.3 rebs, 2.9 assists and 1.8 three-pointers.

Only three players aged 22 or younger have matched or exceeded those averages over their first 16 postseason games: Donovan Mitchell and Luka Doncic.
Phil Jackson and 30 some other GM slept on Joker. Some twice so Phil ranks in the category with all the ones that passed the Joker ONCE.
BTW, Phil didn’t have a 1st that year so it was the second round.


Phil also passed on Jerami Grant & Spencer Dimwiddie. Did he scout those prospects or just rolled dice with Early? Not often 3 quality players go in the second round and you miss on all 3 for a bust. What was a successful pick from Phil?


Knicks forward Julius randle has confirmed a rumor that RJ Barrett went through a growth spurt this summer while on Paul George's podcast.

“He’s probably about 6’8 right now, I’m not even lying”

RJ was listed at 6’6 last season
Rumor has it…

Does growth make you TRANSFORMATIVE??
Does growth make the ‘Move the Needle’ of your team??
Does growth make your sorry butt play better defense??
Does growth give you more explosiveness(if you had it) going to the basket?? Like Bernard King!!

Those just a few things that Growth could do but didn’t.
As the little girl on TV says ‘what is his growth ??