The NBA Playoffs


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lol @ hanging the hat on Kevin Love "New York is attractive with the Phil there" but forgetting to mention him saying..."Hey Wolves trade me now so I can be on a playoff team this Spring-April." Kevin Love is alright but he's nothing special.

Per Chad Ford if he's not being Chad Fraud that is...

The Boston Celtics continue to pursue a trade for Kevin Love, offering the No. 6 and No. 17 picks in this year's draft, along with future No. 1's and young players such as Jared Sullinger or Kelly Olynyk.

Flip Saunders does not want to trade away Love, but he is beginning to realize that he would lose him for nothing next summer and this offer from the Celtics may be the best one he receives from any team.

The Wolves would own picks No. 6, 13 and 17, which could allow them to remake the core of the roster.

Of course if Love's heart was set on New York all he'd have to see is he wants to play out the season in Minnesota and then test the Free Agent market and BOOM sign with us. But of course he nor his camp has given one inkling to such a reasonable yet preposterous idea.(rolling eyes)

btw who's in Melo's Black Book remember he had loads of names in it right?


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What a Loony Fool of Buffoonery

lol PWNED!!!!

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Yeah Pat Riley!
I dont think u are old enough for a conversation about the master coach Red Holzman.

Pat Riley found out NBA teams had the Knicks on the black-list when it came to trading players.
The last Knicks player that had the most minute played in the NBA, were a guy name Anthony Mason.
Pat Riley found Anthony Mason and John Starks in the CBA League.
The two CBA League players outstanding performance were the main reason the Knicks went to the FINALS.
Anthony Mason 40 plus minute playing-time reduce Charles Oakley playing-time to 12 minutes per game.
Why did the Knicks trade Anthony Mason the year after making the FINALS, for a career injured Larry Johnson???
Did u know Larry Johnson rarely received any playingtime in the JVG rotation, until Oakley were traded.

Red Holzman #1, Pat Riley #2, now 2014 Phil Jackson #3 to take the NY Knicks to new heights...
Phil Jackson confidence in hiring a young headcoach Derek Fisher, who did well improving so many young teammates talents throughout his 17 yr career as a player on 4 different teams.
Phil Jackson acknowledge if trading Knicks veteran players become difficult, he could rely on a great coaching-staff to give the Knicks young players enough confidence to fore-fill a void in the rotation to keep the Knicks playing above .500 throughout any season.
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lol PWNED!!!!


I give Coach-Pops super PROPS for outstanding-team-coaching from 2001 to 2014.
However .... the 2014 FINALS were GARBAGE!

It was like buying two $2 thousand dollar seat tickets to watch Mike Tyson KO Mike Spinks in 19 seconds in the first-round with a grazed punch. And Mike Spinks retiring from boxing after the Tyson fight with 30 something wins, 20 something KO's, and only 1 loss in his professional career vs Tyson.
The same Mike Spinks who won a GOLD medal for KO's in the Olympics, along with his brother Leon Spinks who also won a GOLD medal for KO.