The OKC Thunder without Serge Ibaka looked like the NO-Defense Knicks


The first two games of the WCF series looked like a quick Spurs SWEEP!
Spurs 122 - OKC 105
Spurs 112 - OKC 77 (35 point win) Damn!
"Serge Ibaka" were DNP in both lopsided games, and were supposed to be OUT for the duration of the playoffs after he suffered a calf injury.
The rating must have dropped to a sky low at half-time of the 2nd game. LMAO

By some magical-miracle therapy "Serge Ibaka" return healthy to play 33 minutes per in the 3rd & 4th game to tie the series 2-2 (Remarkable!)
OKC 106 - Spurs 97
OKC 105 - Spurs 92
Now that Serge Ibaka is back in OKC starting lineup the team won two games, and all the sports announcers are happy they could go back to spending 40 hours talking about how super-star Durant & Westbrook scored 30 or 40 points for a OKC Thunders WIN. LMAO

The NBA has made it very difficult to defend how PHONEY the NBA Playoffs has become.
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yeah he is a difference maker along with Westbrook, who plays pretty good D as well...i think Russell had 3 blocks last game from the PG position. But Ibaka makes even more a difference then Tyson Chandler, as he averages 3 blocks a game