Trade Deadline Passed


The hottest rumor right at the deadline was Sam Cassell, Toni Kukoc and Joel Przybilla of the Bucks to New York for Sprewell. WFAN radio seems to have said it was never going to happen, but ESPN thought otherwise.

I'm glad that the move, if it was really in the works, did not happen. Cassell only adds to an existing point guard glut and it would only get worse with Milos Vujanic coming over next season. Layden seems to have a thing for trading for old players on the decline and paying no regard to player positions. This follows the attempt to get Gary Payton for Kurt Thomas and Charlie Ward, which would have given the Knicks no frontcourt presence at all.

There was a rumor that Desmond Mason was to be included in the Cassell for Sprewell deal, but that was purely a rumor because the salaries don't match up. Sprewell makes $12M this season, Cassell $4M and Mason $1.3M. Kukoc makes $8M. Przybilla makes $1.8M, so I guess the Knicks were supposed to throw in something to make Cassell, Kukoc, and Przybilla work. Either way, it's way past the deadline now and it looks like everything is now over.

I'm glad that nothing happened. The best thing for this team right now is to get healthy and come back strong next season with McDyess and Vujanic. I think Layden's in the business of making trades to get attention.


That would have been a great trade, but it favors the Knicks way too heavily. Layden has a habit of lowballing other GMs in hopes of getting something going blatantly in the favor of the Knicks. If I'm the GM of the Clippers, there's no way I would trade an All-Star caliber point guard like Andre Miller for a couple of role players in Charlie Ward and Othella Harrington. Likewise, I think the Sonics thought Layden was joking when he offered Kurt Thomas and Ward for Gary Payton. Milwaukee gave up their franchise player Ray Allen for Payton and that's the best deal that Layden can do?

It's not really any wonder to me why nobody wants to trade with the Knicks.


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trade line passed, the knicks keep spree and will attack next season with dice, vujanic and a high pick too (i hope)
congrats. to layden for not making a trade, just to get in business, it's better this way, than that van horn trade