Trade Rumor - SHAT for DUNG + Tyrus Tom


I would agree but put in context with this thread... I hardly think Tyrus Thomas and Deng address any of our weaknesses.

Lee is probably a better fit for us, but he's still a sieve on defense while providing no shot blocking. Considering how well Amare carried this team the first year, there was no way Lee could have done the same.

I think the better fit would be someone like Serge Ibalka (it'll probably never happen) who could run with the best of the team, scare teams ****less with his shot blocking, has a midrange shot and best of all doesn't need a lot of plays called for him.

oooo Ibaka is a beast id love to cage up in NYC


This will be a very good deal. I will take Deng over Gasol. Deng will fit perfectly into this team. Deng can fit into the SF row and let Anthony play the PF. He can produce on both ends of the floor. and can stretch the floor. I think he will be a perfect pick.


this season can be last season of STAT
all i want is motivation of knicks players like ZO was motivated with Heat that he can even stop D12 and earn title with Shaq & Co.


I like Deng and would love to see him as a Knick, but I don't see how losing stat and replacing him with Deng and Thomas would help in anyway.

I personally don't see anything great about Thomas so wouldn't want him to play stats position and Deng can't play it so I guess I would give it to Copeland.

Now the question is who will sit so Deng can play, as everyone so far this season, to me atleast, has shown they deserve to play.

The record alone should be enough proof