Urban Sports Legends

This thread is my own urban sports legends myths, the things you don't care to know about but are very interesting at the same time. Just a little fun to get away from this Free Agency period and add something for you guys to read to pass the time.

Michael Jordans "Retirement"


Now you can't start off a sports urban legends thread without talking about Michael Jordans famous " Retirement" in the 1993-1994 season. The story as told to the general fan is that after Jordans father was murdered, Jordan felt like he had accomplished everything in basketball and he had nothing more to play for except the dream that his father had of him playing baseball. Jordan was a great athlete as a youngster and his father really wanted him to become a Major League Baseball player, but obviously that dream did not come true for his father. So anyways the public felt sorry for Jordan and it seemed to boost his reputation as a guy coping with the death of his father, But nope that was just a cover up for a major problem that Jordan had.

Jordan was addicted to winning, it was his drug and he needed it to live. He gambled as hard as he played basketball and has owed millions back to debts he had to settle. There is also another legend that the night before a playoff match up with the Knicks, he was spotted in a casino gambling up a storm. So back to the "retirement", Jordan was retired for 1 1/2 years and returned to an epic roar from the sporting world and his popularity grew exponentially and boom happy ending...

NO! The real reason Jordan was out for that year and a half according to many insiders with Jordan, is because he was being suspended by the
commissioner because if the media and public were to find out about the gambling Jordan did that the league would be permanently crippled and it would be hard for them to recover back to their current success at the time.

Some say Jordan's father was murdered because he owed a debt that Jordan refused to pay for his father because his father was always in those situations and Jordan eventually cut him off. Their is also a rumor that Jordan Sr's Killers had a check of $57,000 that was signed by Michael himself to pay off a previous debt his father owed. No one knows whether or not this is true but their does seem to be a conspiracy around Jordans father death as it seems too unlikely that a gambler constantly in debt was Murdered on a robbery for no apparent reason. There is also a statement from the murderer that Jordans father was shot while being cooperative with the robbers, So why did they shoot? WE WILL NEVER KNOW...
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"Charles Oakley Collecting Debt"

We all know Charles Oakley is one of the roughest toughest, not to mess with guys in NBA history and no one wanted to start a problem with this guy. Well Tyrone Hill didn't get the Memo. As Legend has it Charles Oakley and Tyrone hill had a friendly old dice game. Charles Oakley won and the alleged amount owed to him would be $54,000. So Tyrone Hill agrees and says he will promptly pay Oak-Man back. Oakley pimp slaps Hill during a preseason game for not paying up so obviously Hill never payed up. Well months went by and Hill never gave Oakley a dime and it seemed Hill thought Oakley would have forgotten, even after the pimp slap.



Later that year when the Sixers were playing the Raptors, Oakley met up with his old pal before tipoff during shoot around. During the broadcast Oakley was listed as out for personal reasons but the real reason was because he threw balls repeatedly at Hill during shoot around and was asked to leave and was a DNP for that game.

Legend has it that Oakley made him pay double the amount owed because of his "Coward Move" and hill had to fork over $108,000 to get the Oak-Man off his back. This goes to show that if you are dealing with Oakley, its not for play-play.

"Cal Ripken and the Beatdown"


Now im not a huge Baseball fan but i remember my teacher telling us this. According to my teacher Cal Ripken was approaching the consecutive games played record in Baseball which everyone thought was unbreakable. Well the night before playing the game that would break one of the most amazing records in sports, Ripken comes home to find his best friend Kevin Costner in his home. Now both are close friends and Costner is a usual in the Ripken's home.

But there is one problem... Costner was in bed with Ripken's wife!!!


What happened after this would live in Urban Legend infamy. Cal Ripken beat the hell out of Kevin Costner and beat him up pretty bad. The two are no longer friends. So anyways the night of the big game that would make Ripken the greatest Iron Man in sports history, Ripken calls the team and tells them he is not playing because he was very down.

Legend has it that the Orioles cancelled the game because of "Power Outages" in order to make sure Ripken would break the record, And he did and the fight with Costner could have spoiled a historic baseball moment that could have never happened.
"Sonny Liston and the Mob Underworld"


Sonny Liston was a true rugged guy in the ring, according to my father. He was like a guy on a mission to cause pain to anyone that faced him in the ring. He was the Heavywight champion of the world and one of the best fighters in his time.

Well Liston fought the Greatest of All Time and lost his title. Some believe he threw this fight because he gave up when he seemed fit to continue the fight and he was never known to be a quitter. So he rematches Ali of course and gets knocked out in the first round by a Phantom punch.

Historians vehemently state that Liston threw the fight because if he would've won, the Mob would come for his life. So of course he throws the fight because anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that the Mob means business. Liston allegedly was in Major debt with the Mob so in order to get off the hook he had to throw the fight so the mob could collect all the winnings by betting on a heavy under dog in the young and still relatively unproven Ali.

Some say if Liston wasn't afraid for his own life, he would've quickly dispatched of Ali and The Greatest would have never become what he is today.

Even Liston's death is suspect since he still has no cause of death. Some say The Mob pulled a hit on Liston because of more debt he owed and bribed the police to cover up the true cause of death which people say was never released and never was clarified as to what exactly happened to his body.
"Michael Jordan vs Horace Grant...In Ping Pong!"

This is another Michael Jordan being competitive legend that brings chuckles every time i hear it.


Well the story goes that Michael Jordan and Horace Grant were in the Bulls Team
facility and Horace-the best Ping Pong player on the team-challenged MJ to a friendly game of Ping Pong. MJ wasn't good at it of course and Horace Grant slaughtered him and this made MJ extremely frustrated and he threw a fit and wouldn't talk to Horace for a few weeks.

So after taking the beating to Grant on the Table Tennis Board, Michael Jordan goes out and buys a Table Tennis board and practices intensely for 2 weeks and then goes back to play Horace Grant.

Legend has it that MJ destroyed Horace Grant and Showboated for 20 minutes straight. MJ was never beaten in Ping Pong again.