Video Review of Knicks Defense in 13-14 by BDB


WOW! a video of no-defensive-coaching from the bench, and no defensive coach on the court.
The video showed the Knicks couldn't defend the pick n roll from none of their opponents.
DAMN! the Knicks didn't know when or how to switch on defense all season.
Hold on! Who were the most minute played players on the Knicks:
1) Melo
2) JR
3) Felton
How do Knicks Fans grade these 3 players defensive-effort the past 2 seasons?

The previous season the Knicks had defensive coaches on the bench from the "Old-Heads", plus Jason Kidd coaching defense on the court in the 4th quarter of every game, which gave the Knicks a 54 win season.

Why did Carmelo Anthony announce he was opting-out at the end of the season as early as the Preseason Games???
Did Carmelo know something we didn't?
How many of the big 2010 all-star FA mention they were opting-out at the end of the season?
they all have the right to opt-out at the end of the season.