NYK Man8

Knick GM Scott Layden is aware of the possibility of Vujanic signing with another European club outside the Yugoslavian league, which pays too poorly (about $100,000) to consider remaining. It's partly why Layden traveled to Yugoslavia to meet with Vujanic last week for the second time in two months.

Sources said the meeting proved "inconclusive" regarding Vujanic's status for next season, even though Partizan owner Vlade Divac has recommended to Vujanic that he join the NBA next season, saying he's better than Clipper PG prospect Marko Jaric.

However, Real Madrid could offer the type of dough that Layden can't (no income taxes). Second-round picks are only eligible for the minimum salary for capped-out clubs - about $400,000. The Knicks could use part of their $4.5 million mid-level exception but they may be reluctant because of the summer's marquee free-agent class. They won't have their smaller $1.4M exception available this summer because they used it on Michael Doleac last August. The $1.4M exception can be used just once every two years.

this is something normal for the knicks
after losing lebron, why not losing milos too?



tho i won't be surperised @ all if this trade won't happen, i don't wanna lose my faith and keep hoping that al least milos will be a knick next year
layden can't be that stupid!
can he??