Welcome New Moderators


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You know these guys, they've been around for years and have done a great job keeping this forum live and entertaining! Following the Knicks' FO latest roster moves, we decided to add our own veterans on board, so it's my pleasure to announce you the addition of Crazy⑧s, CoolClyde and metrocard to the mod squad! :beer:


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Awesome! :peace:

Congrats 8's and CC

special congrats to Metro:thumbsup:

remind me to agree with you more now:teeth:



Congrats Crazy, Metro, And clyde! Repped


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Whoa...Super Moderator.

btw If I got PMed I haven't seen it because my PM box went from 94% full to 100%...Hopefully I don't have to delete any of my received ones. Deleting the sent ones hasn't been working.


Thanks very much, every one! Thanks Rady for the gig! Sorry that I sent you a piss drunk PM last night, my man. No doubt it was ridiculous.

I promise to uphold my piece, here on KO.

You're ****ing banned.

No you're not, because I love you!:teeth:

May the force be with me. Does anyone think something needs doing?


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I'm saddened but not surprised by my exclusion.

Hopefully the leadership comes to its senses by the next round of upgrades.

Congratulations crazy, cool and metro.