Whatever has happened to Hangout...


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... Should happen to the NBA forum!! Get it up there so more people are drawn to it :beer:


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Thought about that too, let's see if the hangout section gets more activity first


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Can I ask why you decided to put the hangout forum up there though? Since it's not really Knicks related, I always felt the Hangout section was fine where it was.

Most people come here to talk Knicks and bball in general so having the NBA area more prominent would be a better idea, imo, because that forum gets used rarely yet there are a lot of people here with a wide knowledge of the NBA in general.

I brought this up wayyyy back when... Not sure which thread, I think the one where crazy was trying to drive more traffic to the site ("Do any of you post on other forums" or something).

BTW feel free to move this to site feedback, apologies I wasn't really thinking when I made it :lol: