What's your job? Help!


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I've been having a hard time finding a new (one that pays solid at least) job, which I've been having a hard time with. I also don't have a lot of ideas of WHAT to look for. I live in New Jersey, about twenty minutes by bus from New York. I'd like to be a concierge/doorman, not a lot of those available though. I got offered a concierge positions, then they said they they didn't know if they were outsourcing them the same DAY. Don't know if they were lying, but still dumb.

Any ideas?


I do personal training and run my own free lance business.

Maybe you could try working for the city? MTA or somewhere in that field. Depends how hungry you are. Doing a full time job isn't easy.
Get something in the Medical field ( CNA, Nurse Assistant ) both these jobs have a very short schooling period ( few weeks) and the jobs are always in high demand. Hope this helps and good luck.


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Thanks guys!

I might give the usher thing or whatever a try, CC! Maybe I'll go in-person since maybe we'd find more options for myself. You think I could walk right in? I'll check information on that.