Which role player can make the biggest impact the rest of this Season?


  • Harrelson

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jeffries

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Stowdemire

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Shumpert

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • Fields

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • JR Smith

    Votes: 8 33.3%
  • Novak

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Baron Davis

    Votes: 5 20.8%

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Harrelson He is a rookie. Chandler and Amar'e are taking the F-C spots. And then we got 44% 3-pt with Novak + Defender Jefferies. 0 impact
Jeffries He is a solid defender. As important as shumpert in defense!! check their stats during the Lin-ing 7 wins, and you'll see.
Stowdemire He needs to find his head before making an impact. I'm sorry that his brother passed, but ProBasketball is a business.
Shumpert He is a sub-par Kobe. I say that because he is solid in defense like Kobe, shy to make awkward shots, and physically advantaged.
Fields He is not looking important because he is someone that... does it all. But, yet, excellent at nothing. That's the beauty of him, but that's why he doesn't shine as much. He scores, do 3s, alley-oops, steals, assists, layups.......
JR Smith As long as his possession rate translates to points, penetration+kicks, we'll be fine, but if he just grabs the ball and shoots as he wants for lots of possessions, he will jam it up.
Novak his 3 pointer are also decisive for Lin-ning 7 win streak. remember the 3 made against Timberwolves?? yup.
Baron Davis He should play dual PG with jeremy lin. so when jeremy lin is double teamed, go for Alley-oops, because he'd have that type of vision.


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...im not sure if part of thats sarcasm or being serious but i suppose it helps having a guy on the bench thats more of a cheerleader then anything else but gets the guys pumped up. Douglas is gonna have to work on his reactions after highlight plays if he wants to even be mentioned in the same breath as Balkman

not to undervalue the role of The Chemist on each team, but my point was mostly sarcasm:smokin:

after the starters, backup point guard is the key role that can make or break this season for this team

we need Baron Davis to lead the second unit and make them perform to their fullest... if he does that effectively, this team could be a nightmare for other teams to defend a full 48 minutes


Rotation player
Role players

i wanted to pick JR, but if Baron can come off the bench and work his magic and give Lin some breathers as well as get everyone off the bench involved in the game and getting them the ball in their sweet spots then he's a ++++ for us the rest of the season.
Baron Davis, Novak. JR Smith and Iman


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Tie JR, Iman and JJ will all be key guys for us, I think when D'Antoni buckles down his rotation come playoff time thats the unit he goes with off the bench


definitely baron if i could vote.

think longevity and fresh legs on the playoffs especially for lin.
if he can run second unit effectively as the starters. man, highlights city!


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Respectable choice, BDiddy would probably be 3rd on my list even though he should probably be 2nd. Its tough to say, Shumperts defense is a need but so is it more of a need then having a backup PG who can allow Dantoni to rest Lin. And he can also come in and be a playmaker as hes already shown, something we have only 2 of on this team
Baron's lateral movement and effort on defense has been impressing me, so I think he's better than Shumpert overall. As you said, him giving Lin rest is also big.


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Isn't it nice that you can make a case for so many?

B Diddy gives Lin much needed rest and puts in quality minutes.

Shumpert I still believe is going to be the next John Starks.

JR Smith is a sick baller that can rack up points for fun when needed.

Novak is a killer from beyond the arc.

Jeffries is a defensive beast.

Jorts when he comes back will hopefully pick up where he left off.

Our bench really isn't a problem, they proved that when they beat off most people's first teams with Lin. Our problem is integrating Amar'e and Melo, just as it has been from day one.


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i clicked novak. reason being, in our system, 3pt shooting is crucial to EVERYONE on the team. It opens the floor for Melo to penetrate without a pesky double team, it creates spacing for tyson and amare down low. Novak can bring our team back from down 9 in 3 possessions. With the defence being forced to stick to one man, we have 3 players (lin, melo, amare) that can make defences pay for not sending a double team. It would be like a 'pick your poison' kind of thing.


Not a role player but the coach, Mike D'Antoni has the biggest impact for the rest of the season. It's up to him to juggle this deep lineup he has, put in Shump to defend like he did on Calderon in Toronto, that was a game changing move. Put in Novak and JR to give you 3s in bunches like he did in MSG with Dallas, that won the game. We need him to pull the right strings to get the most out this team.
And that may be asking for too much^^

I would also say B.Davis but I'm still not entirely sure about his health. To me, he is playing very tentative, atm. I'm not sure if that's because of his back issue or lack of playing time, or a combination of both.

I/ nor anyone else can give an honest assessment of him, we just can't judge his contributions because he hasn't really shown anything yet. I can only judge what's already been proving. As of now B.Davis is a non factor...but if he improves and stays healthy....i'm sure his talents will be well appreciated.