Who's return do you think/feel is gonna be the biggest?

Most important return if healthy?

  • Amar'e Stoudemire

    Votes: 14 43.8%
  • Iman Shumpert

    Votes: 18 56.3%
  • Marcus Camby

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rasheed Wallace

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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We might have a thread like this, but it was a while ago so I'm not gonna bother looking for it. If somebody digs one up me or another mod will merge this.

Who's return do you think will be the biggest between these four if the player stays healthy?

Amar'e Stoudemire
Iman Shumpert
Marcus Camby
Rasheed Wallace

It's tough for me, all four bring something to the table. Stoudemire brings explosive scoring, Shumpert last season played great defense and solid offense, Camby is a rebounding beast and an excellent (beast?) shot blocker, and Wallace does a little bit of everything with toughness.

It's tough for me to the point that I don't even have a gut feeling. For fun's sake for this thread, I choose Stoudemire because of his explosive scoring, rebounding, and experience. I question his decision making and effort though because of last regular season. Shumpert I think will continue to play hard on both ends of the floor. Still though, as of now, I choose Stoudemire.
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Gotta go with my boy Shumpert. I'm hoping he's been working on his jumper because we're going to need it along with his perimeter defense, because our perimeter defense has been slacking.


This is easy. Shumpert without a doubt. He can and has the potential to be one of the great perimeter D players in the league. He is already great at it but imagine, assuming he comes back from the injury ok, what he will be like with a couple more years experience.

I cannot wait for him to come back.


Our defense sucks lately, definitely choice is Shumpert. At now we don't have perimeter defense.
What Amare brings is offense, not defense. Offense isn't our weakness, we can score (5th in NBA), but sometimes playmaking by Felton is a problem.
If Kidd play at PG we would be first in scoring, but we need perimeter defender also. Just waiting for Shumpert back.


Amare suppose to be the biggest impact player when he returns .. especially when we have been WEAK at the PF position all season.
Having two SF in the lineup to cover the PF position made us weak at scoring in the paint, defending the paint, and rebounding.

Amare is not mention as the big impact player LOL because Amare punch missed Melo and hit the Fire extinguisher .. Amare miss the target, JR keep missin the target, and Felton keep missin the target, to damn much missin the target and missin games .. so maybe Shump will be the biggest impact player to return, as long as Shump dont shoot 15 feet from the basket.

Camby, Amare, and Shump are run run transition players who score the majority of their points in the paint.
Other than Jason Kidd, what other player in our last 5 games knows how to run on a fastbreak???

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I'm going with Sheed, what he brings goes beyond the stat sheet, defensive calls, backing up Chandler, is missed big time right now.


Shump is going to big, he gives you defense and athleticism on the perimeter, especially if he comes back 100% healthy.

Fun Fact: Al Jefferson, David West, Jamal Crawford, Corey Brewer, Perkins and Lowry all suffered from torn ACL's they all recovered and made strong come backs to the NBA.



I feel that RunningJumper's return is going to be the biggest. It seems like the guy only makes cameo appearances on KO these days.


Camby + Rasheed + Amare + Shump are more important than individual performance

I think we need to get something right .. our 20 wins in 27 games came from playing veteran NBA players out of their natural position.

PF-Kurt & PF-Rasheed has been Tyson backup at center.
SF-Melo has been playing 38 minutes at the PF position with another SF-Novak as backup.
SG-Brewer & SG-JR has been playing at the SF position.
PG- Kidd has been playing the majority of the minutes at the SG position.
PG-Felton & PG-Pablo are the only players (next to Tyson) playing their original position.

Center- Tyson & Camby
PF- Amare, Rasheed & Kurt
SF- Melo, Novak & Copeland
SG- Brewer, JR & Shump
PG- Kidd, Felton & Pablo

In mid January (2013) we are expecting a Healthy Camby, Rasheed, Amare, and Shump to step into the rotation at their natural position.

Should we keep playing our players out of their natural position to keep our .700+ winning percentage?
Or will our players become complex or will they fit well playing at their natural position?
Your response is welcome ....


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It's gotta be STAT. Playing Melo at 4 for a full season is going to wear him down. Besides -- we're paying STAT a fortune. He needs to play like a superstar, :gony:

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It's stat, he's our second best player. Simple as that. his biggest contribution will be on the boards. As weird as that seems its true, instead of us only having 20 boards a game from our front court, the addition of him will give us close to 30 boards a game between him, melo, and chandler. Yeah he isn't a dominant rebounder but who cares who gets them as long as we don't give the opposition more chances to score by not getting our boards. Plainly put we won't suck at rebounds anymore.
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Stat has a chance to be the more consistent offensive player in my opinion, depending much on whether or not he can stay healthy. Shumpert will undeniably make a bigger impact on our defense. Certain guards give our guards problems and having Shump back will change that. But what if Sheed and Kidd pick on Stat like they did Melo. What if Kidd, Sheed, Woodson, Camby, Kurt Thomas and Chandler can join together and turn Stat into a good defender?

The problem is there's too many "If's" with Stat so Im going to go with Shumpert. Im not sure how consistent and efficient he will be on offense but for some reason my guts telling me Shump will prove my inquiries to be foolish and ignorant while depreciating my confidence as a member generating incoherent meandering every time I post.


I read this forum all the time but this is my first post.

When is STAT coming back???? Im getting ****ing tired of waiting. I think the biggest question here is if we can keep this pace once he is back (or even improve it).

Don't give me any shump **** here. Shump is awesome, my favorite player of the current roster but the focus, the spotilight will be on STAT.

Any info? I have read so freaking much about it, no ones seems to have the correct info.