Why are the Knicks so consistently useless


Next season, keep waiting
I'm late on this but this post is 100% true. While I like Amare he is an overpaid version of David Lee. We had a guy who did just about everything Amare does with less excitement. All of this was a gamble to attract King James. Walsh had the most responsible plan the Knicks have seen in 20 years. It was so simple any of us could have pulled it off. Get under the cap at all costs. Only thing he did wrong was not getting enough draft picks in return for some of the trades.
hi guys, yesterday I was there in the first row for the first ever live match at the MSG... great game until OT... being from a country where Basketball is not a "famous" sport, I have been a fan of the team, but currently as it is written in the forum it lacks consistency and several other items... I could see despite the many subs, surely they lack fitness, when they got to the OT based on "emotions"...they Toronto just kept hit-&-run... and knicks should get a player like Williams (he gave me a glimpse of sprewell times)... he made the whole difference for the Raptors...he wanted to play... I saw this 23 million player Stoudemire and the only thing I think why he was on the field it was because of his "trademark" glasses (that he needs to change rapidly because he does see anything at all!). He ain't james worthy or horace grant... how odd it is to see a team performing in one less player despite all on the field? (looks like a red card in soccer but still inside )... so many mistakes, I could not believe... taking into account we were leading partially the game, I thought we would have gone to win the match... but then I start to see some players that are not interested in playing vs. the ones that are enjoying wearing the jersey for the Knicks. Despite being in my early, early 30s, I used to be a vivid fan of NBA from back in the days ( different eras such as patrick ewing, charles oakley, latrell sprewell, marcus camby)