yo Rady, Gypsy Discos and the Strongest Booze in Transylvania


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Hahaha, great find! I didn't know about it although i go to their website every once in a while. That guy from vice looked a bit scared and completely confused, maybe he shouldn't have gone to such an isolated location for the story. The liquor they prepared (Tuica/Palinca) is much much better in the northern parts of Transylvania, what that guy did there was poison straight up! And that disco bar - incredibly awkward, i couldn't stop laughing when she said that women are not allowed to go out that late :D
PS props to vice for having my man Bean on the soundtrack!


That dude totally failed with that chick he went to the disco with. He could of smashed but his shy yuppiness failed him. That's how most American 20 year old dudes be acting around here. They can't handle the deep culture of other countries.