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October,  2001: A couple of decades ago, when the New York Knicks were still a legit team, a college student in Romania was putting together a very raw and basic website featuring news, roster information and a guestbook. It was an era when the free hosting websites were thriving and the internet was full of basic sites hosted by, or was a similar service offering about 10mb of free space to anyone who wanted a subdomain over there. The first version of the site had found its first home over there. Five months later the service was shut down without notice and the newly born website died prematurely.

May, 2002: Soon after, a new attempt was made on a similar service, and the birth of the upcoming was established. The new website – called – featured a message board and the interaction between worldwide fans formed a nice fan base over here.

January, 2003: A more appropriate name was given to the site when it was mirrored from its first domain name, at The new website gained unexpected success and it soon became a great source for Knicks news. It was time to move in a bigger home on a .com domain.

November, 2003 – With more sophisticated services provided by a paid hosting service, KO now developed new features to become a more solid source for everything NYK by the year. The notoriety also grew to the point where Allan Houston blogged for a couple of times over here and answered fan questions.

Today: We are still here, we still love the Knicks, we still stay true to the Orange & Blue.

 – Radu Roșca, a.k.a. rady

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