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I hate Woodson's decisions, but they don't look like they are playing with heart as you said. How is this team in second place in the East?

RJ they won't be in 2nd for long b/c they all have quit.Me watching the way the quit it really makes me mad!! All they done was tease us by starting off playing great tto get all of the knicks fans hopes up THEN QUIT.They quit on eachother, they quit on us and they don't believe in themselfs.I don't know about you but I don't want those kind of players/coachs on my team.It won't happen but I want them all gone b/c they have no busisness in a Knick uniform.I amd TIRED of losing every year and I found out these past few months we will never win with this team.You can bring in any coach even the best coach to ny and they still would'nt win anything.This team is worthless and im talking about EVERY PLAYER.