Its over knicks fans!!


Welcome back LJ. Lee is making more like 13M but I think most of us would prefer having Lee at 13M than Stat at 20M.

You're right, but if my memory serves me correctly, we could have signed Lee for $10mil before the 2010 free agency bonanza began. He really wanted to stay in NY.

Having that homegrown young talent + a ton of cap space + all of our draft picks would have been nice. Who knows what kind of team we could have built.

Ultimately though, we, as Knick fans, have to shoulder a good portion of the blame. We are a fickle, impatient fan base and demand change immediately if success isn't shown immediately.

We just have to ride this current roster out and enjoy it as much as we can. In two years maybe we'll rebuild the right way, and with some patience.


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I love the way this forum blows up and suddenly everyone crawls out from under their rocks to bitch and moan because suddenly the season has turned upside down.

Where were you all during the good times huh? Most of you can f*ck off quite frankly imo.


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Basically, it comes down to can your team be schematically stopped, or is the only hope to get them "out of their rhythm" and pray.

Right now, you can easily load the side of court where Melo is, make him move the ball, promote perimeter shots, and if they don't fall then the Knicks are out of options. Teams don't respect Felton's shot enough, so they're not stepping up on the PnR, and he has nowhere to go in the half-court and you can't throw lobs all game, especially when a big is looking at you, daring you.

This team has been super mediocre since like Dec 15th. The NBA catches up. It's more than how hard you play, it's do you have the right pieces and the proper strategy. If you're playing a game of chess, I don't care how hard you try, how much you care and want it, you can give all the effort in the world...but you're gonna lose if you have a board full of pawns, a castle, and one bishop and your king.

Yep. This sums us up well sad to say.


Not me .. I was a David Lee Fan-Favorite .. Lee was multi-tastical in positions and systems (uptempo or halfcourt set), plus had a bigman passing-game. I defended Lee's poor defense with his numerous amount of defensive-rebounds.

I accepted Stat's uptempo transition game over Zach Randolph halfcourt-set game (Melo & Zach would make great teammates, both play slow-ball and cant score on a fastbreak).

The Knicks 23 point loss to Denver uptempo transition game is something the Denver Nuggets never did or had with Melo as a Nuggets.
Melo's best high scoring performance does not fit into the new Denver Nuggets transition system that beat us by 23 points. The Denver Nuggets that beat us had better ball movement, better passing skills, and confidence in sharing the ball (3 to 5 touches before the shot), plus Denver always had 3 players moving without the ball on every offensive play, even when they went into SSOL transition.

How come coach Karl could not run that same uptempo transition system during his 5 seasons coaching Melo?
How come coach Woody does not run the uptempo transition system he ran in Atlanta with Joe Johnson & Josh?
We all watched Dantoni DNP practically the entire roster for two straight seasons and not get fired, what did it take to get Dantoni fired? my bad! what made Dantoni resign?

I was not as big a Lee-fan as you are but tbh Lee isn't the difference maker either. He is a nice role player but not the impact player we needed. Stat was supposed to be the game changer. Melo was supposed to be the game changer. However, neither was the dominant force that could carry a team to championship.

Stat + Melo = epic fail. I didn't see that coming but after these past few seasons I came to the realization that for this team to win anything, we need to re-build and not reload.

Losing sucks.


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So the people on forums jinxed Melo? lol. You have to be one of the worst posters on KO I've ever seen.
Its the people who criticize Melo thats the reason why Melo is playing poorly right? Not because he's a selfish player or doesn't play defense/hustle?

Yep Ghost its all our faults lol


It's actually not so bad that Melo, Tyson and Amar'e are out. Giving a lot of practice to the bench players. Hopefully this will help us in the post season. Shump is def. getting his groove back. And K-mart is looking good.

T.O Knick

Right now the coach and his decision making is losing us games.


He's lazy and thereby predictable.

Unlike a top coach i.e Doc Rivers, Popovich and Thibadeau our beloved leader refuses to make adjustments. Not prior to games or during games. In Woodson's eyes likes of Fat Ray and JR.Brick are akin to Clyde and Earl the Pearl. Does not matter how detrimental their play is both will get the call over and over again. What do people think Doc Rivers or Popovich would be doing with this very Knick squad? Sure as hell can bet Fat Ray's ass would seeing some serious pine.
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Unfortunately, its looking like this season is over. I hate to be pessimistic but since the beginning of the season we have been on a slow downward free dive.
Shot selection is terrible. Everything we make is hard and no adjustment. And to go along with the injuries....just disappointing how bad this season could end after a promising start.


can some1 tell me what happend whith Knicks after they have 13pt lead and after 2nd q lost game already?

JR is doin what he can others camby/martin few lay/dunks and pablo few steals that all?


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can some1 tell me what happend whith Knicks after they have 13pt lead and after 2nd q lost game already?

JR is doin what he can others camby/martin few lay/dunks and pablo few steals that all?

When they got out to a 13 pt lead they was working as a team.They was sharing passing the ball around till they found the open man and playing defense.Then all of a sudden they quit doing all of those things and went back to playing one on one,dribbling the 24 second clock out b/c shooting and away went the lead and the knicks.


JB from ESPN says Knicks are waisting energy/time for one on one + too much dribbling Woody dont see that?


He favors 1-on-1 a bit much. It's what he did in ATL and their offense often degraded into Iso-Joe, with everyone just waiting.

There was an interview with an opposing player getting ready for the Hawks in the playoffs, who said something like "you know exactly what you're gonna get with that team, they're gonna go to a lot of Iso, and they'll switch everything on D."

I'm paraphrasing, but still, this was years ago. The ball movement we had in Nov started to slowly evaporate in December, when the team was 10-6, it didn't just start during this rough stretch.

But to be honest, there was nothing sustainable about that offense. The ball movement was outstanding, the chemistry was great, but shooting 3s at a historic rate is a great thing while it lasts. Breaking the defense is even better. Might not be as pretty, definitely isn't as flashy (unless you have LBJ & Wade) but damn is it effective.

If this team wants to go back to winning a ton of games in the regular season, then they just need to get healthy, and make a few tweaks here and there. If they want a legit shot at the Larry O'Brien Trophy, then they need to get a big who will command attention in the paint whether he's set up down there or just in the vicinity.

How many times did the Knicks double Aldridge, in the post, on the catch on Thursday? Don't let him dribble or get position, as soon as he gets it in the post, go get that dude. He made the right plays, kicked it to a teammate on the perimeter near him, and the ball moved.

I would be pretty god damn happy if the guy near our big in the post was Melo, but instead Melo IS the guy having his side of the court loaded, and the defense is daring someone else to beat them. The only real lethal option is a cross court pass before the D can rotate and recover out to the 3-pt line. Who's gonna throw cross-court passes all game?

I beg people to go look at what the Celtics did to LBJ with the Cavs. This is when the Cavs were trying to trade for a younger, healthier, LETHAL STAT and when that failed (cause they didn't wanna trade Hickson to Phoenix) they got Shaq.

We are in the same exact situation, except our team isn't as good as those Cavs teams. Melo needs someone who will command all sorts of attention down low, Knicks don't have that guy. Simple.


i read about that possible diffrent scenarios that STAT could ended in Celtics
MELO could stay in Denver it was in year when STAT last year in PHX and decided to not to resign.

Clevland and Wizard can be playoff team next season while huge rebuilding will be in Atlanta Boston and Chicago

bout Knicks i hoped that Meloless Statless and Tysonless Knicks will be diffrent team more focuse that they are shorthaned
but if we loose whole roadtrip altlantic division title will be out of knicks range.

+ when i saw on ESPN that they wana waive Pablo/Kurt more than White to sign D West this is simply disaster.
West is same as Felton played in Dallas Celtcis nothing special bout him


i am 50/50 to watch Clippers game due in same time i got futbol match


31.03 is something very interesting The Heat @ The Spurs only when POP will NOT send their main stuff 1 day holiday

yes its meaningless game but 4 now its only franchise that can FORCE heat to play diffrent

San Antonio is only franchise to score 50+ wins for over 15 years respect to them bcoz we will not see same thing in MSG soon :(


It's actually not so bad that Melo, Tyson and Amar'e are out. Giving a lot of practice to the bench players. Hopefully this will help us in the post season. Shump is def. getting his groove back. And K-mart is looking good.

I agree .. with 22 games left in the season our bench-players should be receiving the majority of playingtime minute to rest our starters for the postseason games. However ?.
In 60 games coach Woodson rotation had our bench-players as spot-minute players in lineup's that had big-time minute players .. 40 minute Melo, 35 minute Tyson, 35 minute JR.smith, and 35 min Felton.
So throughout our 60 games Woodson did not put an all bench-lineup on the court in any of those games.

This is what happen 60 games in the season when a coach is force by injuries to finally put 5 bench-players in a lineup on the court ............

29 point loss to David Lee?s GS Warriors
23 point loss to Gallo & W.Chandler?s Denver Nuggets
15 point loss to Portland Blazer
13 point loss to LA Clippers

What did we do in our 60 games this season?
We ran a different 9 man rotation having Melo & JR take 50% of the shots.


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That's a three game winning streak for the bogus, no hoops knowing, non-Knick fan rooting, chicken little a** "the sky is falling" thread starter. Magic number: 3:)