1/11/13 Bulls @ Knicks Game Thread





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Prior to tonight's match up, the Bulls lost to the Milwaukee Bucks at home after a short 3 game winning streak. Of course, they look to turn things back around tonight against the Knicks, who are coming off of two straight losses. This includes the loss to the Celtics, in which Melo was suspended for one game. He returns to action tonight. This Bulls team has a different level of toughness down low, led by Joakim Noah. As we have seen before, things tend to get ugly, and in the previous game between the two teams, technicals were handed out like flyers, and the two players had to be held back from going at each other. This is an interesting match up to look for tonight.

Tonight's Projected Starting Lineup


Knicks Injury Report
The Knicks are without Iman Shumpert, who has been cleared for full contact practice, and Rasheed Wallace, as well as Raymond Felton. Marcus Camby is most likely out for tonight.

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Bulls Injury Report

The bulls are only without Derrick Rose, who they have missed all season.

Key Match Up's


The key match up to watch for is round 3 of Tyson vs Noah. Expect a physical fight down low for rebounds, and a challenge for Chandler to continue dominating. The Bulls are a team that dominate the paint, so it will be interesting to see what gives between these two players.



After the debacle that was the previous match up between these teams, the Referees' style will be something to look for. Can they be able to maintain a playing environment and keep things from getting out of hand? Will they let the players play, or will they start calling the calls when the Knicks begin to play as physical as the other team?


JR Smith

As always, JR Swish is an X factor for the Knicks. Much of the game depends on whether or not he makes smart decisions, and if his shot is on point. Against the Pacers, JR struggled greatly. Will he be able to turn this around, or is this going to be a prolonged slump?

Marco Belinelli


The Knicks have a way of letting small name players dominate them in random games. Against the bulls, it was Marco Belinelli, who scored 22 points in both outings against the Knicks. His average PPG is only 9.8. The Knicks need to limit him to his points.

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Nice game thread, Kate Upton can take a seat on my face anytime she wants

I dont understand why we let shooters like Belinelli go off against us. If i was guarding him I would crowd him at the 3 point line, i wouldnt be too worried about him getting by me. In other words, I would show great disrespect for his ability to drive. You gotta get your feet right under him basically, and stick to him like glue out on the perimeter. Whoevers guarding him should never help defend someone else, stay with him please!!! Invade his personal space like Stockton used too

Now if its someone like Nate Robinson out on the perimeter, even if he was just as good of a shooter as Belinelli Id give him a little more space (or respect). If are guards crowd him he can get right by them, get into the paint and score. He can dish to a big man for an easy dunk, or he can kick it out to the perimeter for an easy 3 once he gets in the paint and distracts another one of our defenders. Amare Stouemire would have no idea what im talking about, hence the missing "d" in his last name.


Looks like Crazy8 got easily replaced :lol:

Quality thread.

Like the Celtics and Pacers game, we have to win this game.

These are playoff teams and losing these games will continue to make us look like frauds.


dont scare me that Sheed can be cutted?

without sheed this team D will be worse

now we are pretty cutted already Camby is done for longer

Felton is not even month from Lakers game injury :(


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Not feeling Kidd as a starter anymore. He just lacks the speed and driving ability to get us off to good starts. Don't mind him off the bench though. He's still a valuable player.