1/11/13 Bulls @ Knicks Game Thread


No one is moving or is open...they're just expecting Melo to break down the defense and create his own offense.

The player who has to do the most for scoring in the NBA is Melo. LeBron has pressure taken off him with Wade and Bosh, Durant has Westbrick, Martin, Ibaka...even Kobe has a dude like Howard to take up space in the paint....

Melo is basically out there by himself.
Woodson is too much of a wimp to run plays to get easier shots for Melo.

Offensively we look hopefully.

I use to hate Felton, but he's presence is needed. Red has converted me.

are u watching the Bulls ball-movement on offense 4 to 5 players get touches before the shot .. we had no ball movement other than give the ball to Melo to shoot .. our last 25 shots Melo took 16 of


Wth is stat doin there... Kurt thomas was way better


Knicks are a one trick pony. Shut down Melo and we have nothing. We need a trade. We are NOT winning a championship this way.


Hope they give white more minutes and screw stats minutes hes a liabilty.. Thomas can score points n defend


Tough hoops to watch... Melo taking 30 shots. Smith and Melo combine for 30 misses. No ball movement. Cannot hit free throws. This team won't survive in May.

Felton and Shump need to get back and make a difference or we are doomed.

5-8 last 13 games


Where were these determined knicks the 1st 2nd and 3rd quarter

We dont let White, Pablo, and Novak shoot in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter, those are Melo, JR, and Tyson's quarters to shoot (the 3 players shot a total of 57 shots out of 90, getting 39+ minutes of playingtime playing no defense) ...


Hope they give white more minutes and screw stats minutes hes a liabilty.. Thomas can score points n defend

Our problem is Tyson, Melo, and JR are receiving 40 minutes each .. one or two of them are in every FFFing lineup Woody put out on the court .. and none of the 3 are complimentary team players .. plus their DEFENSE sucks .. Tyson always defending on the peremeter WTF


Knicks without Amare: 21-9
Knicks with Amare: 2-4


Real Talk
Jason Kidd made us a .600 record team ....

We have to give Amare his own lineup coming off the bench for this team to have success .. the fire-extiquisher incident showed Amare was disgusted in a lineup with Tyson/Melo/JR .... Novak didnt/dont look to happy about being in that lineup either. Plus Kurt, Rasheed, Camby, and Felton has seen little reward being in the lineup with "Tyson/Melo/JR".


We'll be back. I have a feeling we'll rise from this lull.

Our professional and heady players will retool and get sick of these embarrassing showings. Pride will take over and we will explode... hopefully before its too late and at the right time.

I believe this.


Stat came back and we suck

BK 7-1 after PJ took team
Hawks finally win
Hornets on roll after victory over Spurs.

Knicks just two game next week

But we are still shorthanded no Felton now we see how we are missing him

Prigioni is like Rubio FIBA players 4 games in 5 nights are not for them

we are not anymore playing passing game

i wana see how SHump change game.

And wana know status of Sheed