11/9/12 Mavericks vs Knicks7 :30 PM (ET)‎


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Knicks winning a game in which they aren't relying heavily on the 3 plus against a good team. What will people find to hate on now?
Seriously though, this Dallas team is just like their owner, way too much to say. Someone tell Dontay Jones to shut the eff up. Also, Felton, hit a friggin free throw.


Knicks defense is just too dominant, we hold down position and don't give easy shots to team like we have done in the past.

It's a new team guys, get used to it.


Woodson needs to waste a timeout to discipline there guys cause they've lost focus with 3 minutes left


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Very sloppy and poor shooting 4th qtr for the Knicks here. This is why defense is so vital to winning games. If this were last season we'd have lost the lead.
JR Smith with the clincher. Go home, Dallas, go the eff home. 4 and 0, gentlemen. Let's keep it rolling.


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Really shaky end to the game, these guys better all shoot a few hundred free throws tomorrow :lol:

Still kept them under 100 considering the score after 3 that is good.

Another good win :gony:




After 10 years Camby is back home with the KNICKS, great to see him back out there

4-0 still undefeated


Me going ham on some Sixers fan on RealGM :lol:
I Love PA said:
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I Love PA said:

Ny blew philly out twice in the beginning of the season without their star player. Take melo away from NY and im sure Philly would blow them out too
STAT, Shump, and Camby were gone. Injuries are no excuse for Knicks wibs considering they're missing two of their three best bigs and thine if their best defenders (if not their best).

And That's good for NYC. I'm happy for the Knicks and hope they continue to be good. Its about damn time, but don't downplay my team just because they had 2 bad games in the beginning of the season. For the most part NY core has been together. Philly has a whole bunch of young players and a franchise player out at the moment. The arrogance by a fanbase who hasn't won anything in years is why nobody likes the Knicks. Be happy your team is good but don't try and play other teams. Because up and down Sixers>>>Knicks More wins, more playoff wins and more championships.

Knicks right now this season in 12-13 > Philadelphia's history and all the Rocky movies put together.

We remain untouched.

****ING KNICKS BABY! Best start in Knicks history in 19 years. 4-0, all my blowouts. Defense, Deep Bench, a MVP in Melo and DPOY in Tyson.


Bos lost to Phi at home, great score for us, leading safely the Atlantic.
next game, ORL A, BRK beat the **** out of them (39P...), so ORL will come as a wounded animal, we need to close it in the 2nd or 3rd, and then.....

99 finals again, come on Camby!