11/9/12 Mavericks vs Knicks7 :30 PM (ET)‎


Like I said, Melo with 30+.
Felton should stop stupid shots and keep focus on creating positions for other players next time.


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"Knicks right now this season in 12-13 > Philadelphia's history and all the Rocky movies put together."

- Metrocard



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Just saw this on twitter:

The #Knicks beat the #Heat, #Sixers and #Mavericks, who are a combined 12-1 against OTHER teams in the #NBA.



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yeah guys we need to get this board more active, 8 pages is just bad, I mean I was doing HW most of the game so I couldn't reply but damn where is everyone


yeah guys we need to get this board more active, 8 pages is just bad, I mean I was doing HW most of the game so I couldn't reply but damn where is everyone

When Knicks win, forums stay quiet.
When Knicks lose, forums go in chaos.


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Just saw this on twitter:

The #Knicks beat the #Heat, #Sixers and #Mavericks, who are a combined 12-1 against OTHER teams in the #NBA.


thats crazy! now are old heads can get some rest and we be ready to rock tuesday! dream start!
Just got in... I saw the game however, and I must say I am glad we passed the test of pulling out our first tightly contested game. Defense gave up the the most it has all season but still held them under 100, Jr is playing REALLY well off the bench.. looking like a 6th man of the year candidate right now. Great team, great win.. 4-0! :)


I think we lead the NBA in

At least we did before this game. I wanted to see us under adverse conditions and we saw some tonight.
Melo cold in foul trouble, close game, and who steps up...?

JR Swish. Perfect.

Like Woodson said, "we locked in on D in the 3rd quarter, and it carried over to the 4th".

If we get use to doing that we'll be good.


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we seen atleast tonight that this team can close out games with leads.Lord when was the last time we could say that.


Missed the game, can't wait to download the game. Judging by the 2 minute highlight from NBA.com, the game looked intense, to say the least.

I know it's still very early in the season and we have a plethora of games left, but its nice to see the team winning early. Especially after Melo, Amar'e and Chandler showed real time commitment by taking care of their bodies way before the season started. Nice to see hard work paying off for the whole team,with them starting 2 weeks early for training camp. Good job Woody. Seriously, Bravo. :aplause:

Melo for MVP

JR for 6th Man of the year

Woody for Coach of the year

Grunwald for Exec of the year

Sheed for best comeback in NBA history, better than MJ lol
Solid win tonight. It wasn't flashy or a blowout like our first three, but you need to close out games when you are the better team. This squad undoubtedly has more talent than the Dirkless Mavs and played that way tonight. The defense has just been superb and was terrific in the 2nd half. This is the smartest NYK team I've watched in a long time, exciting stuff!



been enjoying Ronnie Brewer's game more and more. such a better player than Laundry Fails. RB's defense is solid, but his offensive game has been surprising, and he's a smart aggressive player, whereas Laundry would disappear after strong starts. so happy Mrs. Fields is crapping all over the craptors. f*ck toronto.

Melo showed some weakness tonite doing the iso against 3 or more players a few times, and getting the "T", but his aggressiveness is pleasing when he's beating everyone to the hoop. needs to keep his ego in check. but when he's hot and feels it, one of the best in the league. i can put up with his shortcomings when he's feelin it.

nice to see Camby in, but at the cost of KT's minutes, idk. i like how Wood Son's bringing him along.
Sheed seemed to play more than i thought he would, but it's good to see him in there.

Feltip and Kidd together looking great, Captain Kidd's hands of steal were a joy to behold tonite.

Junior Swish once again showing why he's sixth man of year material. major props to coach Wood Son for recognizing this and not giving in to starting JR. Wood Son's substitutions continue to impress, giving everyone rest when they need it, and letting the players find their hot hands.

Novak did not stay in long when he was cold as cocaine, sub out.

but Defensity is the name of the game this year, and after OJ Mayonnaise and Brandon Wright were romping in the first half, the Knicks shut down the Mavs in 2nd half (37 points!).

i'd like to see more opinions on this forum, not really necessary during the game, i'd rather watch than comment, but i think it's important for KO fans to express themselves before and after the game. maybe the storm has something to do with it, or the election, or Friday night, or just disappointment that DZWons Son choked on the GT ;) - but hopefully Knick fans on this forum aren't getting lazy when the team's playing their best ball in over a dozen years.