2013 Playoffs - Round 2 Game 4 / Knicks @ Pacers - 05/14 7:00 pm


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A lot of the times when someone comes out and says what needs to be said whether out on the media or not, it will seem like the person is pointing fingers. I don't think Chandler was pointing fingers, he was just simply stating the obvious about the necessity for unselfish play. The main problem wasn't defense although, Pacers wrecked us on the boards because that's what their game consists of. The main problem was our offense. It was too predictable and easy to defend. The Pacers had 82 points. We couldn't top that. Our offense sucked. Chandler was voicing his opinion. He already won a ring and he knows what kind of unselfish team play the team needs to win. He simply saw what the problem was and he voiced it out. I appreciate his voice because most people will say the "right" political things and give no value of truth out into the media. He is definitely a leader in the Knicks and people need to take what he said and learn from it or the Knicks are done for. You can be a little bitch about it and be angry that he said that and say he's complaining or you can take it like a man and think about it and learn from it. I can totally see that he wants to win, and that's mad respect to him because he already has a ring and he is still hungry for another one. The rest of the people on the team need to listen up to what he says. The team WILL NOT go any further without trust in each other's abilities, or allowing the other person to shine for night.

Tyson can't talk **** when his man dogged him for 24/12


Tyson can't talk **** when his man dogged him for 24/12
Tyson can talk all he wants, he HAS a ring. Hibbert didn't dog Tyson for 24/12, he dogged the KNICKS. Its a team game son, not one on one. It takes more than one person to lose a game. Learn up.


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Jesus H Christ, what a mess!! I hate to say it, but Reggie's right -- all this running around doubling is killing us. They're just swinging the ball - one, two passes - and getting wide open/quality looks....Chandler talks then doesn't back it up...Smith still trying to find it...Kidd still MIA...We're getting mauled on the glass again it seems....Absolute mess.


Grid or Riot


Grid or Riot
It's hard to have any faith if:
- your franchise player is underachieving;
- your second scoring option is in such a slump he can't even hit a free throw;
- your best defensive player is getting raped;
- your veteran point guard hasn't scored a point in seven consecutive playoff games.