Game Thread: New York Knicks @ New Orleans Pelicans (2014/12/09)


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(4-18) (9-10)

Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LAMSG8:00 PM EST

Possible starters:






Injury Report

New York Knicks
New Orleans Pelicans
Cleanthony Early - Injured Right Knee (OUT)Luke Babbitt - Left knee sprain (QUEST)
Andrea Bargnani - Strained Right Calf (OUT)Eric Gordon (left shoulder subluxation (OUT)

Today in Knicks history

December 9, 2012Carmelo Anthony returns from a two-game absence (finger) to score 34 points and lead the Knicks to a win over his former mates from Denver 112-106 at the Garden.

Recent meetings
February 19, 2014After allowing a 13-point lead slip away in the fourth-quarter, Carmelo Anthony took over as he scored eight of the Knicks final 10 points of the game as he willed New York to a 98-91 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center. Anthony led the Knicks with 42 points- 16-29 FG- and four rebounds over 40 minutes. Tim Hardaway Jr. continued his stellar play with 16 points off the bench over 36 minutes. J.R. Smith posted a much needed 19 points- 7-13 FG- and five rebounds over 40 minutes. New Orleans was paced by Eric Gordon?s 28 points and four rebounds over 35 minutes. Anthony Davis added 14 points and 10 rebounds. Austin Rivers recorded 14 points off the bench.
December 1, 2013After holding a 49-44 lead at the half, New York was outscored 59-50 in the second half as they were dealt its ninth consecutive loss from the New Orleans Pelicans, 103-99 at Madison Square Garden. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 23 points and 10 rebounds over 44 minutes for his eighth double-double of the season. Tim Hardaway, in his best game in a Knicks jersey, posted 21 points on 5-8 shooting from downtown. The five three?s were tied for the second most by a rookie in Knicks history. Andrea Bargnani added 17 points, seven rebounds and a career high tying six blocks over 36 minutes. The Pelicans were paced by Ryan Anderson?s 31 points off the bench. Tyreke Evans added 24 points on the bench as well. The Pelicans bench outscored New York?s 67-40.


Getting a little sick of seeing Bargs name on the injury report. They need to change his injury from strained calf to lack of heart.

Going to see tonight what the Knicks hope they can get in the draft, a very talented Anthony Davis.
In theory, a winnable game, but we don't seem to win games anymore, so, who knows? Our guys have made the majority of our recent losses interesting at least and one of two ways we can go from here, actually win a game or start getting blown out on a nightly basis. I'm still hoping for the former. Let's go Knicks!


Rady .... Nice Game Thread .. this is the game the Knicks start their winning streak on verse tough opponents in the next 10 days.
The 18 losses has the Knicks ticket prices lowering around the league. Dolan dont like lowering prices at MSG!

The Knicks will finally play defense in the 4th quarter, so this win dont go down the stretch depending on the $124M man decision making.

It's funny how people keep saying it can't get any worse, but it totally could be worse. We could be losing every game by 30 points instead of close games on final shots and the like the last few weeks. This team is competing right now, but if we don't start getting some wins, I wonder how long that will last. We are tied for most losses in the NBA right now, so you can argue we are one of the 2 worst teams in the NBA (at best, worst 3). Teams doing that poorly eventually stop showing up to play. Not sure how PJ and Fisher would handle it if that happened. Not sure I want to find out.

Great Point
Fisher has to many players in the rotation with ending contracts that needs wins for their new contract in offseason.
Amare / Dally /Acy / Jason Smith / Aldrich / Wear .. none of those players are retiring after this season.
Fisher has to start playing these BIGS the right way in the rotation .. the spot minute playing time in different lineup each game has the Bigs playing sloppy.
Acy looked real pitiful playing LaMarcus, we have to stop playing Acy at the 4, he is strictly a 3


Getting a little sick of seeing Bargs name on the injury report. They need to change his injury from strained calf to lack of heart.

Going to see tonight what the Knicks hope they can get in the draft, a very talented Anthony Davis.

Bargs is on the Wise-List (not injury-list) by not being apart of a 4-18 tanking team. Wisest player on the team.
Calderon 2nd wisest player for missing 14 of the 22 games.
The clock is now back to normal size. For anyone who didn't see it, it was temporarily huge in the bottom right corner of the screen, up until nearly the halfway point of the 1st quarter. So far, most exciting part of this game for me.
Cole Aldrich first center off the bench in a game where Dalembert doesn't start and has yet to play. A transition to youth or is Dalembert hurt?
Offenses rolling along for both teams, but neither team showing any physicality on the defensive end. We can win this game, but we are so broken at winning anything this season, who is ever going to bet on us actually doing it?


Dally is a 16 yr vet probably switching with Stat in this back to back. Stat probably won't play tomorrow and Dally plays tomorrow.


Guys don't believe me that Stat could be an important piece if he's willing to sign a reasonable contract. I haven't heard his opinion about taking less money to stay in NY though.
Stop me if you heard this one before. Close game at the half. Holding our own. Blah, blah, blah. Doesn't matter, just need to find a way to win.


Good first half, they didn't dig a big hole to have to climb out of. Now lets see if they can close the deal (R u listening Melo and Stat).
Pelicans swarming Melo. We need Stat on the court to keep them honest, or even JR Smith at this point. They're throwing three guys at Melo without any fear of repercussions.
Got outplayed throughout the 3rd quarter, but a JR Smith dagger at the buzzer of the 3rd quarter trims the lead to 4. We obviously can win this one, but man, there is no reason to think that this won't just be another heartbreaking loss. Oh well, you never know. Let's go Knicks!