Game Thread: New York Knicks @ New Orleans Pelicans (2014/12/09)

Forget heartbreaker, Pelicans look like they are just going to snipe us outright here in the 4th quarter. We look worn down and we still have the Spurs tomorrow night.
This game will drop us to 4 - 19 with the Spurs looming tomorrow night and a very good chance of falling to 4 - 20. I know we are a bad roster, but 4 - 20 bad? The worst Knicks team ever, on pace to finish with almost 10 less wins than the worst Knicks team of the modern era? Hard to accept.


Why do we always have 3 guards in the lineup the final 6 minutes of the game?
We are not a running team .. Wsup with the 3 guard lineup?
Why not put the starter lineup on the court to end the game?

Tank Tank Tank Tank Tank


I have no clue what the answer is. Today they lost it in the 4th qtr instead of in having to crawl out of a hole and they got a good game from Stat.

Phil said he's probably not going to make a trade so these are the guys that are going to have to turn it around. I started a thread about some computer predicting the Knicks would be the 3rd worst team in the EC that seems about right.


Not letting Cole receive playing time till he pickup 4 fouls
Putting JR & THJ in the same lineup in the 2nd half
playing 3 guard lineup down the stretch
shows Fisher know how to tank tank tank tank