Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Miami Heat (2014/11/30)


Shump-JR-THjr 4-23 tonight. Nice!

Come Jan... JR Smith should be banishes to the bench. Not only isn't he helping you win, but he may be destroying the careers of Shump and THjr as well.

Another game we lose b/c our 3-headed SG duo just flat out cannot do anything...

This game was an easy victory if we get 20 points from one of these idiots.

We basically have 1 guard - Calderon. The rest of them should be dealt to China for scrap metal.


All Star
What another pathetic performance...the Knicks are hard is it to make a 8 foot jump shot? And where is the aggression? No one draws fouls or drives to the paint and then we throw up bricks. We have a soft team with no mental toughness. Melo, Calderon, Prigioni, Dalembert are the only ones I have respect for right now.