Game Thread: NY Knicks @ Indiana Pacers 02/20/13 7:00


Grid or Riot
This is pathetic... no effort, no in game adjustments. The most entertaining moment so far? STAT trying to get to the ref, I wanted to see some punches being thrown, damn KT, y u no move out of his way?


[FONT=Lucida Grande, Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Remember when Felton was gonna return and fix everything?

Damn this is sad. Down by 20 and the 2nd half isn't even over yet...


this team isn't doing **** in the playoffs.. wouldn't be surprised by a first round exit

rely too much on ISO/3pt, haven't played D since December, and just don't have the mental toughness to beat any of these top teams in a series. We've seen it every time a teams gets physical with the Knicks they crumble and get raped


Everybody except for Melo should be trade-able for anybody that can play D and rebound we are not beating a good defensive team that can rebound in the playoffs (pacers,bulls).

T.O Knick

This is all on coach Woodson. Season 4 months old and still yet to grasp teams have adjusted. Just standing there with arms crossed looking pissed.


the problem with the knicks is that they are so impatient. They decide to trade all the young players and effectively buy older players to win a single championship. Its the impatient way to go about it. I think they would be better off concentrating on getting their draft picks right and look to build a championship team that will challenge for a 3-5 year period, not just for one year ! When Kidd and all the other older blokes retire, we will be back to square 1 anyway...


Rotation player
This is just embarrassing. Where is our pride?!

I hate how teams can play a little physical with us and we just come apart. We are not ready this year and its all mental.