Game Thread: NY Knicks vs Washington Wizards 02/06/13 7:30


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New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler has a chance to accomplish something that no NBA player has done in nearly 10 years.
The All-Star looks to grab 20 rebounds for a fourth straight contest Wednesday night when his visiting Knicks try to defeat the Washington Wizards for the 11th meeting in a row.
Chandler has grabbed exactly 20 rebounds in three straight games to tie the franchise record set by Hall of Famer Willis Reed in December 1969. Before this stretch, Chandler hadn't had that many boards in one game since 2008.


The Wizards have won six of seven at home, with Wall playing in the last six contests of that stretch. They have knocked off top teams such as Miami and Oklahoma City at the Verizon Center, and added another win against a division leader Monday by ending a four-game slide with a 98-90 victory over the Clippers.
"I think since everybody got back healthy and since I came back, I think a lot of teams start respecting us more and knowing that we're a capable team that can beat a lot of teams if we play the way we're supposed to," said Wall, who has 34 points and 17 assists over the past two games.
Wall is hoping to see Wizards leading scorer Jordan Crawford break out of a major slump. Crawford is averaging 5.2 points on 32.4 percent shooting over his last six games.
"We still believe in him, we still trust him as our teammate and he's going to come out there and you never know, next game he might go out there and have 24, he's one of those players who just gets hot," Wall said.
Washington may have to play a fifth straight game without rookie guard Bradley Beal, who has been sidelined by a sprained right wrist.

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:smokin:Sorry for the rush thread I am about to get on the Metro to catch the game. My view tonight

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i am scare of this game Wizards just won with OKC and Clipps

anyway IF Knicks will win this game and Heat will loose vs Rockets Rockets just scored 23 threes vs GSW.

Knicks can temporaily move to top1 in East.


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When Amare plays like STAT, it makes me feel like he can help Melo hoist the trophy at seasons end.

I may need to update my Sig.


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Entertaining first quarter i got a good feeling about this game!

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What about more of Prigioni-Felton and less Kidd. If Kidd finishes the 2nd QTR, that puts him at 13 minutes played.


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Wizards are playing with a purpose with Wall now, good to see.

However Knicks need to get going and crush them :gony:


Yea guys, Wizards are a solid team, especially with Wall, Ariza and Nene healthy. Beal needs to get healthy and they need to feature Seraphin more to become a playoff team. They got a good future and should really make Wall happy so he won't leave Washington.

Let's pull this game, and get that W. Can't lose to Washington.