Knicks at Kings, Friday Dec 28th, 10:00 PM EST


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On the bright side this loss might be what makes them finally learn they need to play with effort on defense for 4 quarters... Sigh.


Tough loss right here, but ill take a 21-9 rec with Amare and Melo returning jan 1st hopefully.

This is the NBA folks things like this happen, we gotta get ready for the next game.


To let a kings team that bad fukc us all around like that during the game is a disgrace. We deserved that loss and it should be a tough lesson to our guys.

Another note, why didn't copeland dunk that ball? come on man!!

The mentality should be much stronger than that.

Oh yeah, this game proves for the 10000th time that we don't defend well against 3-pointers, not cool.


Devistated once i saw what happened in the last 20 seconds of play. Just unfortunate really that that Kidd Pass was intercepted as you would back Kidd 99 times out of 100 to make the pass.

And then it was really just a fluke that they got off the 3 and won the game

On the whole, the loss was disappointing, but considering so many players were out it wasnt the worst loss. One thing i did admire was the epic comeback instead of folding like a pack of cards. That was a positive


basket that really killed us was the francisco garcia three after copeland's three point play. knicks had all the momentum at the time, and had they gotten a stop they could've gone up by 7 or 8 if they got a basket. instead, they allowed a three and the kings still felt like they could win.

T.O Knick

Allowing 71 points in a half to any team is inexcusable let alone to the Kings.

Just too many games of late where our D is non existent, 17-2 when we hold teams under 100 points.


check last 2 possiesions dribling and dribling no pick and roll and 1 was almost loose ball
too much dribbling

Bewer almost didnt played and we are better.


This loss highlights why the return of Iman Shumpert is so important. Our perimeter defense was pathetic last night. So many completely uncontested threes.

Hurry up and get back Shump. We need you !!!