Knicks at Kings, Friday Dec 28th, 10:00 PM EST


It was a dissapointing loss, but like a previous poster said, no team deserves to win after allowing 71 points in the first half.
There was no perimeter D at all and they got hot from 3 point range.
27 points is too much to overcome on the road, we came back with lots of fire in the second half and that was great to see. Win would have been an epic.


Pick a Half ....

The hangover Holiday Knicks showed-up for the first half of the game allowing the Kings to score 71 points by halftime .. but the 2nd half of the game was the "Dream Team" Knicks doing the amazzin .. I said the 2nd half of the game the real Woody Knicks showed-up without the Holiday hangover to overcome a 27 point lead to make it a Knicks 5 point lead .. The get right Knicks showed why they are the Atlantic Division CHAMPS.

Did we win the game? who gives a FFing-shiiiat about the winner of the game, the first 18 minutes of the 2nd half the amazing-Knicks did a "Dream Team" move to erase the Kings 27 point lead to flip it around to a Knicks 5 point lead over the Kings.
Now that was an explosive Friday night of entertainment in my household u cant put a price on .. I couldnt get upset with the Kings buzzer beater 3-ball for the 1 point win over the Knicks, I drank to that amazzin shot too.
GO Knicks GO


^excellent post Kiyadude. agreed all around. no sour grapes, just a solid solid 2nd half,
Sacs got a lucky bounce, a lucky shot, bless em on their home court.

-glad to see Copeland getting a lot of minutes, although getting blocked on a layup
that shoulda been a dunk by 6' Aaron Brooks is gonna haunt him.
- Junior Swish becoming a better player before our very eyes, 6th man of the year, props!
- Chandler shooting the ball more, and scoring! I think he coulda gotten some tips from
Hakeem if he'd gone to camp with STAT, his game could improve even more.
-excellent game by Kidd/Pablo, taking up the slack for Feltip.
-Camby getting blocks and minutes, looking for the first time like his old self...(old good self)

but major props to Woody for figuring it out at halftime and making it work in the 2nd half.

i have the same feeling from this game that the NY Giants had when they lost
to the NE Patriots in the regular season, and came back to beat them in the Super Bowl.
they knew they had the gumption to win the game, they had the defense, and their game
was coming together. They went on an incredible hot streak all the way to the championship.

The Knicks know they can overcome all odds, their best players were not on the court,
and come 2013 and the playoffs, if Knickerbockers are at 100% healthwise, with STAT, SHUMP,
and FELTIP back in the swing of things, there's no stopping this team!
Let's call it a good loss.