Knicks @ Pacers - Thu, Jan 10. A must win! Big East Edition thread w/ Melo Mix

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The next 10 games are all winable....Pacers, Bulls, Nets, Pistons, Celt-dicks etc...If we can't win these games, then we don't deserve to be in the 1 or 2 get it done
Yup, its time for other players to step up. We do need some playing time for the rest of the team to get adjusted and prove their worth. We should still win this one. Woody will be on watch, hopefully he manages the game right.


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I been waiting all season to see a game with Stat, and NO-Melo.
Dont get angry with me .. Stat got a $100M contract too.
I want to see how Knicks teammates and coach Woody respond to having Stat in the rotation without Melo facilitating every offensive possession.

will we outrebound Hibbert?
will we get more points in the paint?
will we have more ball movement?
will we score more than 8 points on fastbreak baskets?
will we still shoot 30 3-ball shots per game?
will we play defense all 4 quarters?
will we take Granger out of his game?
will we let Paul George control the tempo of the game?
how many minutes will Stat receive?
what teammates show gellin with Stat?
or will we look lost on offense without Melo scoring?
And will this game be Dolan's decision-making to trade Stat for nothing in return?

So far nothing has been working in Stat's favor since the arrival of Melo ..
Coach Woody has been working in favor of Melo since the day Stat & Lin went out with injury.
So this game is a much watch game .. Woody's substitution, teammates will to win, and Stat wanting 40 minutes of playingtime.
If Stat plays with a "I dont care attitude" .... trade Stat in January for to-slow Gasol $19M per contract.


where amazing happens

Bucks just win vs Bulls

Hornets just won with Rockets and Spurs

Lakers on a 5th loosing streak longest since 2k2

Hawks after strong start 6th straight

Pacers lost @ MSG but it was close

This game is on TNT will Barkley b there or @ arena


Yeah it's starting to get slightly concerning, this team is clearly able to beat anyone, but our inability to defend for 4 quarters alongside the fact we are constantly getting rattled by refs/opponents is worrying.

This is a crucial month we should be winning these games. Gotta step it up now if we wanna remain in the hunt for the 1/2 spot.


...the bottom-line is that we still have work to do to get to where we want to be. I see a step back (aka slippage) on defense especially with STAT in the line-up.

Injuries to key players like Felton and Shump mean we will still be a work in progress during the 2nd half of the season. That in a nutshell means we can't get too high on our start- that could have ultimately been fools gold.

We have to continue to excel and know we have proved NOTHING at our current mark. Thats the reality. NBA Championships aren't won in January.

Can we accurately assess our weaknesses and more importantly improve them?


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Gotta get off to a fast start tonight fellas, and Im glad Amare is back to 20 minutes a game. His defense or lack of hurt us in the Boston game


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I'm not really excited to watch this game. I'm not a bandwagoner or a hater or anything like that, I'm a die hard Knicks supporter. It's just when the Knicks don't attack the basket, or pass to find the open man, or do anything to create offense, it's incredibly frustating to watch. I'm pretty sure this game will be three point shot after three point shot being jacked up.