Knicks @ the All Star Weekend Thread


Grid or Riot
@Kiyaman: agreed, Faried would be great for us, but I guess it'd create a major conflict of whom to start at the PF spot, Faried or Amare? Still, I'm happy we have Shump, I except Woody to move him back to his natural position once one of our bigs is back, so we can start Amare at the 4. Felton, Shumpert, Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler. This lineup will scare the **** out of many teams, especially with STAT having his offense back and becoming a reliable defender.

@Clyde: agreed, we have too many players that can play the SG and SF spots, I'd say cut White or Cope, they're playing strictly limited minutes and can't contribute anything to this team. We need another PF/C as soon as possible.


26 points
8-14 FG
3-7 3PT
12 rebounds
5 offensive rebounds
3 assist
1 turnover
31 minutes

Tyson Chandler
7 points
8 rebounds
3 offensive rebounds
in 17 minutes

Our stars represented after our scrubs flunked it.


Lebron's ego fukced the east.

Melo could have been the MVP of the night if lebron didn't take those sorry a$$ jumpers that were blocked by kobe.

26 pts, 12 rebounds.. good game by melo.

oh and another thing, fukc lebron


Scoring Champ
LeBron and Bosh killed it for the East

Melo was a stud very relaxed and easy game for him