New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls 8/12/12

Really disjointed, sleepy game so far. Defense has been great, offense not so much. Hopefully, we can turn it on, because right now, this Bulls team isn't exactly formidable-looking. Let's go Knicks!


All Star
Oh What a Night

We got the New York Knicks taking on the Bulls. So far Raymond Felton is f*ckin around and droppin 14 on the Bulls. And Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler says i have one more rebound then you. You need a haircut

Later on tonite Pacquiao Marquez 4. Im rootin for the piss drinker, what a night we have here fellas. Im already higher then the arc on a Marcus Camby jumpshot.



We're really missing Melo's scoring and ability to draw fouls tonight. We need to post up Sheed more.

we missing Shump's speed on the break for some quick easy points ..
we only scored 2 points on fastbreak baskets in the Miami game.
Plus all Chicago wins come from their dynamic halfcourt-defense.
We need 10 or more points on fastbreak baskets to beat coach Thib's defense


This is a good run for the Knicks.... a real gritty grimey defensive game....

Knicks will have to prove they can win this type of game come playoff time...


Grid or Riot
Nate "I wish I was a knick" Robinson. :barf:

You gotta love lil Nate.