New York Knicks - Chicago Bulls | DOUBLEHEADER EDITION

Which combo guard will serve more dimes over the next two games?

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Fundamentally Sound
I dunno what post frequency has to do with the price of tea in china roro, but it is is what it is. I took NO sucker bets on last night game because the Bulls have played well all season without D Rose and thats coaching. Tibbs can flat out coach and thats the difference. The fact MELO cant drop 50 against the same team in back to back games bears this fact out. Adjustments happen and that comes down to coaching. Learn about it. Know about it.

can you go root for the bulls in another forum??

great coaching couldnt do a thing w jordan or kobe when they wanted to destroy a team. melo just isnt like that. although he has the talent to be something v close to those guys, he just doesnt have the mentality.

i grew up liking the bulls n watching them win multiple titles under phil jackson so i know what great coaching looks like. still though the bulls without jordan or pippen were beatable. same goes for this yrs bulls team w/out rose. coaching is very important. but players make or break you.

the bulls as currently constructed are still a balanced team even without rose, w good bigs, a solid bench n players who understand their roles. thibs is a gd coach, but our team is pretty gd too and we'd just beaten them a couple nights prior, w their best player beasting. y'all need to stop w the loser mentality nonsense. we couldve taken both games.