Round 2, Game 1: Knicks vs. Pacers (Sun 4.5.12, 3:30 pm) Happy Cinco De Mayo !


Now post the first 10 picks of the 2003 draft so the slow and stupid can figure out why Crybaby won his ring.
none of them r MELO BRON level

Milicic was biggest mistake just like Kwame Brown he have ring just bcoz he was in Detroit.Same with Juwan Howard.

Sitting on bench whole year and earn title isnt same what is right now doin Melo and Bron.


How about those Bulls doe, Heat lookin like us on Homecourt

do u still think that Knicks can compete with Bulls/Heat after such game?

do u still think MELO can have such game like last in Miami ? he was there 200% focused

that way Knicks can beat Pacers.

Melo is doin only one thing wrong he keepin ball to looooooong and no passes.
It's not me dude, you look really dumb right now.

Hazy8's needs to be shipped Woman4Life after his display here. Unreal.

This weakling is obsessed with you or out of his mind to think you're me. Wtf? Seriously loco. Such a dumb thing for him to think for so many reasons. And you gave him a helping hand earlier too.


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Why are you here posting this junk on this forum? You're clearly a troll and nothing more. If you really need us to relieve the frustrations of your tragic real life that's ok bro, but don't pretend it's anything else.

Who on this forum said Melo is a better player than Lebron? Even as Knicks fans we know that ain't the case. Talking about Melo being complete trash is even more ridiculous, he's in the 99th percentile of this league and anyone with half a brain knows that.