Round 2: New York Knicks @ Indiana Pacers 7:00 pm 5/10/2024 [Game #3]


Wow, what a shot!
Knicks down 109-106 with 16 seconds left

Often that’s the case, huge shots coming off offensive rebounds and miss shots as the defense scrambles. A total prayer. Only his second basket of the night. Knicks missed a few key FTs, lost their lead midway thru 4th with some foolish play, and they put themselves in a position to allow the refs to steal victory from NY and hand the win to Indy.


We had to give them the Game in the final 30 seconds ..
Pacers were crying to loud the final 3 minutes of the game in front of their home crowd.
Give them 1 win this series .. Pacers looked awful at home.
We can afford a loss to a team that didn't earn it.
After three games of watching Rick Carlisle Pacers ....
I'm wondering how did the Pacers beat the Bucks in a series?


Knicks scored 16 in the 4Q. Cant happen. They needed a few more buckets. Burks missing 2 wide open 3s were killers. They needed some offense and they were just gassed.

Knicks played poorly, Indy best player had huge game, and it still took a miracle for them to win. No OG has awakened Siakum tho.


The Nova Trio had 4 minutes to work on getting a play for Sims to score.
They didn't !!!
He was so lost on defense.
He had the one hard foul that I liked.
I don’t blame him he’s a young guy who doesn’t get minutes. I blame coach on this one.