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I think we should have a sticky for " Today in Knicks History" it will help new fans of the team learn more about our O & B. I do not mind updating the thread daily however I am sure a mod would want to. #KNICKSTAPE if this is a bad idea tell me to **** off.
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November 9th 1993 Knicks vs Sixers


They should have drafted Penny instead of falling for the Giant hype. This was the Knicks first look at Center Shawn Bradley, a "can't miss" freshman from Brigham Young. The Sixers were hoping that Bradley would allow them to compete against the Center dominant teams specifically Ewing. Bradley blocked 5 shots and future Knick :barf:Clarence Weatherspoon lead them with 21 points on 8 of 15 shooting. All that was not enough to stop the Knicks team defense as everyone who played in the game logged a steal except ( Mason and Hubert ) for two Knicks. The Knicks stars played under 30 minutes each and the key to victory was team basketball.

PHI : 86
NYK :95

It is going to take a similar style of basketball to beat the Mavs tonight. They are not a great team with Dirk out however OJ Mayo has been lights out this year. Brewer , Kidd, Pablo, Felton , Smith are the likley people to guard him tonight depending on who is on the floor. :gony:



How about really old? :

November 9 1969 - Knicks win ninth straight, defeating the team they would later face in the NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers, 112-102 at The Forum. Willis Reed scores 35 points and grabs 16 rebounds. Dick Barnett scores 24 points. Bill Bradley scores 21 points and Walt Frazier records 12 points, 10 assists and six rebounds.



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Thank you for the help on this one anyone with Knicks Nuggets feel free to add. Thanks!!!:gony::gony::gony:


November 12 1991

Patrick Ewing scores 24 points and grabs 11 rebounds in 98-96 win against Nets. That marked his 214th consecutive game (Knicks record) that he scored at least 10 points. :thumbsup:

Ewing’'s streak ended the next day, limited to six points in a 110-107 loss at Indiana. :(



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New York Knicks at Memphis Grizzlies November 12, 2008


The Knicks beat the snot out of Memphis ( I hope history repeats itself Friday at the FedEx :crossfingers:) with sniper like shooting from the whole team. The Knicks as a whole led by Will "The Thrill" Chandler ( 4 / 4 3pt) shot 19 / 34 from downtown thus routing the Grizz 132 - 103. Nate Robinson ( 5 / 5 3pt :shock2: ) came off the bench also displaying lights out shooting for the O & B.

Key Players

Jamal Crawford - 25 pts , 8 assist
Zack Randolph - 18 pts , 10 rbs
Quentin Richardson - 8 pts , 4 rbs
Chris Duhon - 12 pts , 7 assist
Wilson Chandler - 27 points , 3 assist , 3 steals , 7 rebounds
Nate Robinson - 21 points ,5 assist

In a perfect world this is what Mike Dantoni wanted from us every night, to bad teams cant shoot 55% from downtown everynight. When your shots are not falling you need an X and O guy that can strategically make changes at half time not say go,go,go,go.:2cents:

I also wanted to take the time to show some love to 7 members of Knicksonline.com that are still "active" on the boards. Here is a blast from our Knicksonline past. I find it hard to believe that so many people joined this board during " tuff times" its almost wrong they are not here to share our early glory:gony:


Metrocard * Kiyaman * Starks * DatPrince * Stephon Marbury * Jimchief88 * Paul



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New York Knicks at Washington Bullets November 13, 1987


The Knicks started off the season at 0-5 by losing to Moses Malone's Bullets.
Patrick Ewing chipped in 20 points while Mark Jackson filled the stat sheet with 6pts,7steals,6assist,5rebounds.
Moses Malone was the high scorer with 30 points while Bernard King scored 14.

101 Knicks
108 Bullets

Thank you Crazy8's!!!


A Sad Day in Knicks History

November 13, 1998

Unfortunately on this day in 1998 Leukemia claimed the life of Hall of Fame Coach Red Holzman at 78.

Holzman led the franchise to two championships in 1970 and 1973, Red had 613 victories as head coach, which is the most in franchise history.

We thank him for his service to our team and will remember of his greatness forever!

May he Rest In Peace

So we made history tonight apparently

Chris Herring @HerringWSJ The #Knicks hold fifth straight opponent to 40 pts or less in 2nd half. No team's ever done that to start a season, per Stats LLC.

Sorry if this was posted elsewhere.. Felt this was thread worthy tho.. Puts how good we've been so far into perspective..
So we made history tonight apparently

Chris Herring @HerringWSJ The #Knicks hold fifth straight opponent to 40 pts or less in 2nd half. No team's ever done that to start a season, per Stats LLC.

Sorry if this was posted elsewhere.. Felt this was thread worthy tho.. Puts how good we've been so far into perspective..


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We probably also have the record for most points given up in the second quarter through the first five games lol

jk but seriously. Thats awesome. We know how to close games. Kidd needs to play point and run the show in crunch time. When the offense isn't firing Felton reverts to his old chucking d'antoni ways. Even though he was great tonight he just has to try and not take matters in his own hands so much.


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That's a really interesting stat, and yeah when you hold the other team below 40 pts in the 2nd half you're gonna win most of those games.


if Knicks hit more than 9 treys

Felton will play like Kidd

Chandler wont play [like fox sport orlando dude said "nightmare D game"]

More asists from Melo

JR just like vs magic

something from Sheed

Spurs can be in trouble just like they get doomed by Clippers



November 15, 1992

Herb Williams signs with the Knicks as a free agent after 11 seasons with Indiana and Dallas.