What u listening to these days?


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Im finally close to done with new rap, all i really check for is dmx, nas, ghostface, raekwon, mobb deep, and joe budden. The commercial rap is complete garbage now, i cant remember the last popular song i liked.

I've been listening to alotta old school rap...tribe called quest, de la soul, big daddy kane, LL cool J, Masta Ace, epmd, etc.

LL cool J's become one of my favorites and big daddy kanes moving up my list right now too

This sh*ts hilarious, BDK drops the mic



^^ BDK is tight. That guy spits out some serious flow, effortlessly.

Love the LL Cool J bump, too. Easy to forget what a ferocious rapper he was, before he went Hollywood and started appearing in magazines showcasing his abs.


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I;ve been getting into instrumentals. Rap when I work out.

And call me gay but I like orchestra music somehow puts me in a calm state of mind. It's like meditation music. And when I read a book, I just focus when I listen to like a violin or some kind of chill orchestra music. Thomas Newman is the man. His music makes you feel like your in Heaven standing in front of God. I use to think anyone that liked orchestra music was just gay or from the upper class, but it's art, respect it.

And I don't know why, but there should be more rap songs that mix up all kind of instruments with one beat. Rap beats with orchestra background are actually pretty good and it flows even though they couldn't be more different.


Music from now sucks. Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj. Wow, this stuff sucks.

I'm listening to old school rap, too. Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Jadakiss, Cam'ron, Vado.


Music from now sucks. Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj. Wow, this stuff sucks.

I'm listening to old school rap, too. Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Jadakiss, Cam'ron, Vado.

RADIO music sucks. download the crown ain't safe by los. best mixtape in a loooooooooooong time.
great thread since it has no drake wayne or rick ross in it,rap in its core is dead,yea its more popular but ppl forget how to actually rap and now its comical.

lyrics now are so similar that you would think there is one rapper out there.i like underground rap since they actually have to spit ill rhymes to try and make it instead of talking foolery.

mobb deep pre g-unit,tupac,biggie,big l,nas,LL,outkast to name a few

great thread wish it had more posts i would like to expand my hip hop vocabulary


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AmareForPres that whole Lost Boyz album is a classic, Legal Drug Money stays on my Ipod

Big Apple Sports - Whats your favorite Mobb deep album? Im a huge Mobb Deep stan, I even listen to Blood Money and everything they dropped after that. I own every Mobb deep cd

One of the GOAT Nas Songs

One of my favorite Rza beats

(This was produced by Rza, right?)

I never heard anybody outshine Busta and QTip like BDK did on this track
well i like the teenage mobb deep more since they were straight from the streets so their lyrics were something to relate to for a teen in NY so The Infamous and Hell On Earth are my 2 favorite and i also like murda muzik.

btw that nas song is FIRE! and yea lost boyz were dope,one of the best storytellers ever.And also Luniz "i got 5 on it" is real.


I can't front and say I'm a conneuisur of rap, but I usually have Ghostface, Army of Pharaohs, Jedi Mind Tricks, LL Cool, and CunningLinguists on my music rotation. Jay Z is timeless, too.

I listen to a lot of pop/rock/alt, as well. But not the typical faggotry usually found on radio.

Subconsciously, whenever I'm chilling alone, in car by myself, or at gym..I usually listen to rap and hip-hop; but when when I'm with friends r walking around NYC where I'm at it's more the pop/alt/rock stuff I play.


Great Thread. I dont know if just musically challenged or if there is just garbage out there.....
I still got my classics NAS, Big L, Tupac, DMX but is there any good music out there now?
Currently im listening to JCole Friday Nite Lights, Wale's ambition and Frank Ocean Nostalgic mixtape. What do you guys think of those two and are there any others similar to those ?


I'm currently loving this song. When it first came out,
I didn't realize it was Cee Lo Green, though I didn't know
who he was until a bit later. Okay, enough with the bs! :mrgreen:

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Love Kills - Joe Strummer


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All DBLOCK the LOX forever(met them personally) realest *****s in the game. Styles P Jadakiss top 5 dead or alive ***** hands down. Other then that it's all old school for me. Big L n Nas my personal favs. I don't really **** with new school at all. I keep up with all the new Styles, Jada, n 2 chainz das about it.