What u listening to these days?


immortal technique, jedi mind tricks, talib kweli, eminem (only his serious sh!t like stan, sing for the moment), kanye (before he went crazy, like through the wire, all falls down, diamonds from sierra leone), lupe fiasco, nas, 2pac, jadakiss,


Jimmy Fallon spoof. Doing the Doors singing "Reading Rainbow"
(An old children's tv program.)

*Don't look too close Cool Clyde or you'll see he's stuffed his
pants. Hey, we women notice these things! :lol: :mrgreen:



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Lately I've been listening to Big Twin from the Infamous Mobb...this dude sounds like he eats crushed up glass and smokes 5 packs of cigarettes a day



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I've been listening to stuff like this because I need to chill the **** out. I'm taking a break from intense music with lyrics because my brain is 150 miles per hour at the moment.


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Instrumentals and underground Hip pop

Damu the Fudgemunk has been on my mind past couple months....

Y Society which Damu does the beats...

And Pete Rock...