Who do you like for the Knicks in the 2022 NBA Draft ???


Here are several sport writers Mock Draft selection for the Knicks 11th pick ..
Which one will Knicks FO (Leon/Perry) select ???

11.... New York Knicks: Bennedict Mathurin, G/F, Arizona
The Knicks go with the best player available in Mathurin, who can play multiple positions at 6'6" and gives New York another perimeter scoring threat. While not a true point guard, Mathurin can handle the ball at times or hit threes as a spot-up threat.

11.... New York Knicks: TyTy Washington | Kentucky | Guard | Freshman | 6?3, 195
I had the Knicks taking Mark Williams in my first mock, but it?s a well-known fact that New York is in desperate need of a point guard. Taking Washington here feels like a bit of a reach, but hey, so did extending Tom Thibodeau?s contract. Washington is yet another score-first guard, but he showed off his rebounding and playmaking capabilities at Kentucky, meaning there?s plenty of room to grow. Washington heads to New York in one of the biggest surprises of the lottery. More of a score-first guard but has the ability to find teammates and rebound effectively. The ?Mecca? of basketball is more of a ?Blechha? of basketball from a fantasy standpoint thanks to Thibodeau?s unwavering love of giving veterans 80 minutes a night. Don't go overboard on the fantasy hype.

11.... Knicks Johnny Davis SG ? Wisconsin ? HT: 6-5 ? WT: 195 ? WING:
Davis is the type of fierce competitor the Knicks need to get back to winning playoff series. (Manu Ginobili talent)

11 .... New York Knicks: Duke Blue Devils: Wing, Freshman, 6-6 AJ Griffin
Duke?s AJ Griffin had a historically impressive year as a 3-point shooter last season, which will warrant looks in the lottery. He has legitimate shooting versatility ? he had an efficient dribble jumper and shot well using off-ball screens.
But with concerns about his ability to stay healthy, falling outside of the top-10 still feels like a fair range for him.
Griffin was a high school star at Archbishop Stepinac, near New York City. He was also a standout on the AAU circuit for the PSA Cardinals, one of the top programs in NYC. It?s unlikely the Knicks pass on Griffin, who is a CAA client, if he is available.

11 .... New York Knicks Forward JEREMY SOCHAN
The popular chatter is that the New York Knicks are looking for a backcourt creator, and if the draft shakes out this way with Johnny Davis and Dyson Daniels off the board it may seem like a negative. Perhaps they do want to fill that need and will reach for a player like TyTy Washington.
Yet this is a Tom Thibodeau-coached team, and he doesn?t have a lot of defensive weapons to deploy at the forward positions. That could make Jeremy Sochan an awesome fit, a different look from Julius Randle and Obi Toppin who can defend nearly any position and provide rim protection in Randle-at-center lineups. If the Knicks? path to being a playoff team is built on defense, Sochan is a dangerous weapon to add.

The Knicks will need another Bullocks (talent) player, plus a PG if Randle & Barrett are starters next season.
Watching the NBA Playoffs Big-men, I could say the Knicks have a B+ grade at the Center/PF position keeping MitchRob, Sims, Gibson, and Obi next season.
None of those guys move the needle of this team. So whomever is drafted it more for show than anything else.

What if one of the lottery picks 1-5 drops??
What then do you move on whoever is in the #6 position??
Again nobody is transformative in this draft but there only two players I think is worth having and that Smith and Ivey.
If you stay at 11 then I think there should be some gambling done with trading back and trades. There are a few interesting players that I would take to trying to create some electricity within the team. You really have nothing to lose because one player isn?t changing this team fate.
Those you that now have buyer remorse for that #3 overall pick made 3 years ago. Seeing what the true value of a #3 and the impact it has on a team and organization has come to life. Taking an average player at best at #3 is a criminal act by those that did it and those that went along with it. YUP, I mean You!!
I think this last season somehow broke us more than usual as a fanbase.

Draft is in 3 days and none of us seem that excited about our options. We all know our lame duck front office is going to screw us.
htr10, I have to agree with you about the excitement with the upcoming draft.

If this past season didn't break you then it certainly woke you up to a series of problems about this organization. The team make-up should up jump out the most with how it is so flawed. Example... Why is it 3 center with same type of skillset? None have a jump shot. Why would you let someone like Kornet leave just to get Noel? Who's looking at the roster and didn't see this simple problem with the center position. There are other problems.

If one of the top 5 players in the Mock draft falls out of the top. Maybe trade for him... I say that with a grain of salt... Smith isn't dropping so that leave Ivey. The other 3 I'm not sure if I would trade up. The interesting thing about Ivey is he isn't a PG. F.O. says PG is out #1 problem. So way would you go after Ivey? I would!!
If not Ivey then trade back because there are several interesting players that I think would bring some electricity to this team. Again that means changing the offense scheme and Thib isn't that type of coach. So I'm just talking... buh, buh, buh
Again, agree with you!!



I, for one, agree that there?s nothing in LR?s track record to suggest he can build a winning basketball team.

He had bungled his first offseason tremendously?.

Reports about ex NYK reporters telling Kerr not to take job at MSG is further evidence that Dolan is the root of all problems and nothing sustainable can be established under his leadership and guidance and culture?.

With that said, it should be an exciting few weeks? the Curry situation eerily mirrors this draft process?. Walsh felt he didn?t need to surrender an asset to move up? thought Curry would fall? rest is history.

Will Rose be bold enough to get the 4th pick? What will he pull off this draft? Anything? He?s proven he can find talent and make deals, so let?s see what happens Thursday.

Is Ivey worth that jump?

Then what happens come Free agency? I hope Rose commits to a youth rebuild and goes that route? we shall see.

I do think Rose is humbled by his mistakes last offseason, and hopefully he?s smart enough to adapt and learn from his blunders.

Randle for Ivey sounds like a dream, so naturally it?ll go like Curry. We just miss out and he goes to HOF, or we get him and he goes bust.

But I could dig Ivey-RJ-Obi-Mitch running around next season? position for another lottery pick while they gain experience playing together. Make the run in 2024?

We shall see.

I have little faith or hope tho that Rose does anything other than grab 2 decent rotation bodies out of draft.


I say stay at 11 and take kid from Wisc or Ohio St or AZ or local kid from Ossing (AJ)?Don?t trade up for Ivey? not unless you SURE he?s next Ja?.

Maybe even trade down? try to use assets and trades to help others and accumulate assets.

I have little faith in this org? somebody posted who we drafted for our last 5 lottery picks vs who we didn?t draft. Walsh, Phil, Perry, Rose?. All incompetents.

Good news, it?s only 3 weeks. They?ll bungle draft and free agency then go silent for 18 months.
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Give me AJ or kid from Ohio St?. Stay at 11? try to get 15 from CHA?

We could have 2 dudes from Ossining (Obi and Griff).

I think the injuries may actually be a blessing. If not injured some later 2 seasons, AJ might be a top 5 pick

Has the body?. Elite shooter?.

Popper quoted ESPN?s Jay Bilas at length:

?There?s no player in this draft with the amount of attempts that he had that shot the ball as well as he did. He shot right under 46% from three. And he?s one of the best shooters in this draft, if not the best shooter. He?s 91st percentile if I remember right in that department, and he can guard. With his length, he?s got a 7-foot wingspan at about 6-5, 6-6. He?s not one of these sort of guys who lead with his athleticism. But he?s athletic, and he does a good job in keeping his matchup in front of him. If I remember right, I think he held his assignment to around 36% from the field on the season. That?s pretty darn good. He?s a good player, and I think he showed with his improvement that he?s got a pretty high ceiling.?

The kid from Ohio St has high motor and reminds me of Jalen Brown.

Here we go!


The Rumor Mill Before the Storm on the Knicks the past couple of days may just be rumors fans wants to hear to get some Knicks-Relief

Tomorrows the start of the Knicks 2022-23 season ..
The decision making of the Knicks FO, trades and draft selection?
Will coach Thibs have a say-so in tomorrows decision-making?

Jaden Ivey views of landing in New York ....

The 6-foot-4 Ivey could finally provide a long-term answer at point guard for the Knicks. He averaged 17.3 points with 3.1 assists while shooting 35.8 percent from 3-point range as a sophomore last season for the Boilermakers.

They say 5 Knicks players most likely to be traded during 2022 NBA Draft ....
1) Randle
2) Burks
3) Noel
4) Cam Reddish
5) Grimes

The chance of the Knicks getting Jaden Ivey are ....
1. Orlando .. need a creative Combo-guard Ivey (Donovan Mitchell) scoring in their rotation.
2. Oklahoma City .. need a creative Combo-guard Ivey (Donovan Mitchell) in their rotation.
3. Houston .. need help help help !!!
4. Sacramento .. need Randle & Sobonis in their front court rotation.
A scary thought going into the draft tonight is when does Leon Rose enter save his ass mode?

If it?s this off-season, imagine we send out youth/assets for a veteran similar to the Antonio McDyess trade? The only thing that makes me think that won?t happen is that our front office doesn?t do much so any trade seems unlikely.
Well everybody it looks like nothing has changed with the current Knicks F.O.

Why would you stay at #11 and take AJ Griffin. Another Duke player!! Seriously
Does a mistake at #3 not comes to mine?
Does Griffin have any electricity?
Does he those around him better?
Will we be looking for someone 2 years from now to make him better? Like we been the last 3 years with that #3.


AJ best shooter in draft. Last I checked, shooting 3s and important skill.

He?s also been banged up so an argument could be made if fully healthy he could?ve been top 3 pick.

Kyrie and Tatum and Ingram and Zion make the idea that Duke players can ball ridiculous

Also, like with Mitchell, he?s a local kid who comes with professional pedigree. Also 6?6? man at just 18.

At 11, kids from AZ, Wisc, Ohio St intriguing as well. I just think AJ best shooter and RJ/Mitch need shooters.

Since you enjoy tearing down other people ideas, tell us who you would draft.
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