1/11/13 Bulls @ Knicks Game Thread


All Star

Shaking and Baking :gony:


No one is moving or is open...they're just expecting Melo to break down the defense and create his own offense.

The player who has to do the most for scoring in the NBA is Melo. LeBron has pressure taken off him with Wade and Bosh, Durant has Westbrick, Martin, Ibaka...even Kobe has a dude like Howard to take up space in the paint....

Melo is basically out there by himself.
Woodson is too much of a wimp to run plays to get easier shots for Melo.

Offensively we look hopefully.

I use to hate Felton, but he's presence is needed. Red has converted me.


Anthony fouled Hinrich...my ass...Knicks play their ass off on defense, and Bulls get bailed out....dude traveled too....damn you NBA.