Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat 5/8/2023 7:30 pm [Game #4]


Knicks cut it to 5 but refs reward a flopping Lowry. Bucket waived off. Heat drain a 3. Randle misses a FT. Huge turn of events. I’m a burial physical game they give call to Lowry for flopping bc Hart extended arm. Awful.


It’s getting embarrassing. Every loose ball… every 50/50 ball… MIA wins. They want it more. I’m not watching another game unless there’s a Game 7. Of it wasn’t for RJ, Knicks could be down 20. Force a game 7, then I’ll tune in again.


1) We were outscored every quarter in both games in Miami
2) There was no defensive FIGHT in the Knicks Brunson 32 pts, Barrett's 24 pts, and Randle's 20 pts, throughout the 48 minute Game 4.
3) We had NO defense and NO offense strategy after playing the Heats 3 games.
4) How come I believe the 76ers or Celtics have the talent & coach to sweep the Heats 4-0 or 4-1

The Dragon

Most of Miami's players are playing good, most of our players are playing bad.... JR looks tough from the outside, but apparently he is not that tough mentally.... Brunson is playing through injuries like Butler ..... we just look sluggish and slow as opposed to Miami who look sharp and fast


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Very disappointed our Knicks are just plain getting out worked this series. Jimmy Buckets is a superstar but top to bottom Miami’s roster isn’t that much more talented. Thibbs is definitely being out coached, but Thibbs teams usually don’t get out worked like this. Our bench hasn’t shown up especially with IQ being hurt. Obi Toppin has been worthless. Grimes hasn’t been much better. Josh Hart should be starting. And the turnovers have been horrendous. Just flat out bad by our boys. The fat lady is warming up:(!


Why are Fans looking hard at Captain Randle, and head coach Thibs after Game 4 ???

The Miami Heats offense have lots of player-movement & ball-movement plus (moving) screens & picks set by all 5 players in the lineup to get two players open, 5 seconds before shot clock. It's been working well on us.
Butler and coach Spo are embarrassing Thibs Iso offense every game, the same way They embarrassed Bucks coach Budenholzer in the first round (4-1).
The Heats players burn more energy running around on offense then they do on the defensive-end, watching the Knicks No-ball-movement offense of Dribble-Dribble 1 on1 Iso move, or the one pass offense shooting 30 something 3's each game.
Recall when Randle used to dribble-dribble the down court and then take it to the rim on consistent offense possession, well he still do it. And now Brunson do it consistently .. Which have gave the Heats enough time to have their defense set up, to prepare for dribble dribble Randle or Brunson or Barrett to go 1 on 1 to the rim.
The Knicks offense in the series has been No player-movement and No ball-movement, which says the Heat players rarely burn any energy defending the Knicks offense.
Do Randle stop the Knicks from running the ball? Yes.
Do Randle slow down the Knicks pace in the game? Yes.
Do Randle performance stop ball-movement? Yes.
Did Love out perform Randle in the series? Yes, Heats lead series 3-1
Is Randle the problem? Yes and No.
“Is Randle the PROBLEM”. ….. NO!!
He has never been the problem just the scapegoat for the F.O. Incompetent.
Until you find someone better then you stuck and even then you don’t get rid of him.
You don’t have anyone that can make you take your eyes off Randle. Solve that problem and you solve the Team Problem not the Randle Problem!!