Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat 5/8/2023 7:30 pm [Game #4]


Why not change the offense before you spent 104 million?? As you say “it worked”!!
Seem like a simple fix, just saying…

What whole contract(104 million) for Brunson? 23 mil is a year, huh?? BTW, and I know you talking NBA money but 23 mil ain’t cheap in my eyes.

It is very unfortunate that I’m the fan that I am. But I have come to fact that I cannot continue to do this for the Knicks. Unless something drastic happens then I’m leaving. Never in a million years would I thought about leaving the Knicks. But I can’t stand what Perry, Mills and Rose has done to the team I love. Nobody understands the damage they have done to this organization and team. This isn’t about BB it more about favoritism and entertainment than athleticism.

Wsup Dark .. The Knicks were in dire need of a young tier 1 starter PG since LinSanity.
After Marbury, the Knicks FO always offer dirt cheap $$$ to FA PG, and they got what they paid for.
We spent 12 season never going after the elite PG in the NBA draft, because the FO was happy PF Melo, and PF Randle wanted to play the PG position all game. And the Knicks puppet head coaches let Melo & Randle run the show.

The Heats star Jimmy Butler had Head coach Tom Thibs kicked off two teams and out of the NBA.
The Knicks were desperate for a NBA head coach, so they hired head coach Thibs and Knicks former head coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks two head coaches won the COY. When one left the other should've been fired.

The Knicks must FIRE head coach Thibs asap in offseason.
The reason I stop getting on our young RJ Barrett's inconsistent performance are he has been coached wrong from his rookie season.
To improve RJ Barrett's IQ and athletic performance .. coach Thibs was supposed to have Barrett defend Butler every minute throughout the Series .. So Barrett's offseason mind-set will stay on Butlers unselfish performance.
The year Knicks coach Pat Riley grabbed John Starks out of the CBA league, Coach Riley had Starks defending all the Knicks opponents high scoring guards and SF (MJ & Pippin) throughout Starks first season in the NBA. Which got Starks a nice NBA career.

The Pat Riley's 8th seed Miami Heats Team has made a believer out of me !!!
Beating a top seed Celtics team the first two games of the playoff in Boston ..
Have to be a first in NBA history.