Game Thread: NY Knicks vs Golden State Warriors 02/27/13 8:00


Crazy⑧s;265633 said:
Did they just say Tyson has 12 rebounds at the 3:00 mark? **** me they did!

Heyy sexy.



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How many 3's can JR shoot seriously. I'm laughing my ass off right here dude has less conscience than a catholic priest.


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Crazy⑧s;265640 said:
I thought I'd best stop by and say hello. Doesn't Lercher mean rough anal sex in a park toilet in German? :lol:
You should stay fella. Even metro would agree with me on this.

Krachtigeopenbaarparktoiletanalverkrachting would mean that. Not in German, but in Dutch, but still, it'd be helluva nick.


Can we hold this lead? Sigh. If we lose this game, I don't know how I'll feel about this team overall.

GS is a great team, but they're without Lee. We have to get that W, especially at home.
Coach Woodson can scowl at our guys all he wants, this kind of garbage play at both ends of the court over this long a stretch can't just be poor execution of a good game plan. If we believe that now, then we have to go back and believe that back when MDA was in charge, too. We need to mix things up at this point. C'mon, guys.

Let's go Knicks!