Game Thread: NY Knicks vs Golden State Warriors 02/27/13 8:00


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Man after Lebron had the best fantasy game of the entire year yesterday Curry is about to surpass that.


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I feel sorry for people who didn't watch this game, most entertaining Knicks game of the season quite possibly, even with ESPN instead of MSG.


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LMAO well done GS... Two final shots give it to Klay not the dude who scored 11/13 threes and 54 points :lol:

Great game!

T.O Knick

Playoff like atmosphere tonight. Tyson, Melo and JR balled their asses off. Worry remains how to overcome the fact we lack a quality PG. Beyond poor from Felton at both ends tonight.

Rob Low

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Why was Shump not guarding Curry when he came back in? The few possessions he guarded him he did a good job.


Felton came up big in the end...

that's what she said.

aside from Kobe lighting up the Knicks a few years ago, and LeBron's 50 a couple years ago,
that was one of the greatest shooting performances i've ever seen by young Curry.

excellent games from Chandler and JR, keeping Knicks grounded while Curry took flight.

to think Knicks could have had this young gun... one lottery pick away... sigh.

Wood Son has got to come up with a way for Knicks to guard the hot hand.
Kyrie Irving, Curry. i thought Shump would be the stopper, but not to be tonite.

really unbelievable game. it's still sinking in. good win.


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Curry looks like a little version of reggie miller.He has his game and body build.He is going to have a very good career.


Glad for the WIN ....

but helll No .. we almost lost to a team that use the same exact system as we do .. we had no answer for an ISO-Curry 54 points in our house. Plus GS were missin their abidextrous double-double defensive rebounder David Lee.
The thought of making Curry have to run back on defense to defend a moving without the ball Felton or JR for 4 to 6 straight minutes never crossed Woodson or Felton mind on how to stop hot shootin Curry.
Felton JR Melo slow-ball of walking the ball up-court on every offensive possession, then standing on the 3-ball line for half the shot clock let Curry rest on defense to have 54 points of energy on offense.

All Felton had to do was push/run the ball on every offensive-possesion, plus keep movin with or without the ball when Curry's defending him.


I am sure Felton was wiped for playing 39 minutes,,,,,,,,,,,,Again Pablo only playing 12 minutes.........
Woodson needs to think and strategize,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is going to keep pounding the square peg into the round whole win or lose....
Yes Felton got the steal in the end and rebound but he missed 2 key 3 pointers and 2 foul shots...when will woodson wake up and limit his minutes,,,,,,,especially with a guy like Pablo who is good for 17-18 minutes a game,

LEE playing and the Knicks lose.....I mean Tyson not having 27 rebounds with Lee in there


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Holy **** what a game!!

my bad guys, totally jinxed it :redface:

Felton came up big in the end tho (besides the missed ft's)

Yeah don't do that again..... Was stuck at work trying to watch but I did catch the finish!!! Damn. We went up by ten early and I thought we would cruise then I looked back and Curry was unconscious....KNICKS perimeter defense is TURRIBLE, at some point you had to trap on the offensive end to make somebody else beat ya like GS did took MELO and JR to overcome Curry's night and a Monster night by CHandler on boards


i am trading STAT COPELAND + Shumpert for Curry :D but i am dissapointed for no team offence most balls again MELO. Without Tyson this team is done Knicks need sub for this man. K-mart played just 200 seconds?

I hope Knicks dont loose to much energy for Wizards game.