Round 2: New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers 3:30 pm 5/19/2024 [Game #7]


NY has no chance now even if a miracle comes. So end season here. Season crashes to a close losing 4 of last 5 to Indy…. Too many injures. Still, Disappointing McBride flopped so poorly.

McBride found out we gave him a minimum wage extension LOL


The Pacers have completed the greatest shooting playoff game in NBA history.

They shot 67.1 percent from the field, just barely topping the 1990 Celtics.


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Lost this series two Fridays ago missed free throws missed bunnies lose on a miracle 3 in game 3 cost you the series at home in game 7 against the hated Pacers…um um um great season reload for next year feels like when the Chiefs lost OT in Areowhead to Brady and the Bradyettes stepping stone to a CHIP next year maybe great season get healthy guys thanks for the memories!


Yes, when OG injured himself… losing Game 3 ended their season. Otherwise, they win series in 5. Get rest. Hart isn’t injured in Game 6. Brunson not injured in Game 7….


Last 2 Game 7s at MSG. And, mind you, there have been 150 Game 7s in NbA history before today and home team won 75% of them.

Brunson 6-17 Game 7 vs Indy 2024
Ewing 4-15 Game 7 vs Indy 1995

It takes a real, mentally tough individual to be a NyK fan


Hart played in constant pain.
OG was limping from first whistle.
Brunson played 2 minutes with a broken wrist.
love the grit.


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Knicks will be back, they are officially a threat to the entire league...

I was wrong about a few things concerning this team. Big shout to Divicenzo and I-Hart...they were two players I didn't feel the Knicks needed as much yet boy did we. The main thing is for players to get healthy

We do need to be concerned about Thibs wearing out his players and our style of play. Our season had an eerie end much the same as Chicago


Trade randle, Mitchell and some draft picks and get our missing pieces and some bench players.
sign Hartenstein
can OG stay healthy or will he be a big sign and an injury bust.
Bring in a VET for series like this

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Considering the injuries, it is a miracle what the team did this year..... finally we have an identity and a winning mentality. it all goes to Thibs and the front office.... we could've did much more if any of our injured players was healthy (Randle, OG or Mitch). Imagine the team with all of them healthy clicking on all cylinders starting and subs!!!!
Trade randle, Mitchell and some draft picks and get our missing pieces and some bench players.
sign Hartenstein
can OG stay healthy or will he be a big sign and an injury bust.
Bring in a VET for series like this
Hey Ski, who are the missing pieces??
Any idea what players should be targeted??
Did Thib’s wear his players down as usual?? Remember Chicago.
Are all the injuries a sign of a fail offensive scheme by Thib’s??

Let hope the knowledgeable BB people are in charge this off season. The ones that trade for OG.


Our missing pieces.......

Of course this is a wild guess but knowing LeBron he will be in NY next year.
I do think Randle, Mitchell and picks get him. ( not saying this is good )
Looks like you have some players pick out for next year.
Count me in the NO column for LeBron… how about Bronny?? Just kidding!!

Would Lakers want Randle back?
Would Randle want to go back?

One player I have mentioned since first of the year is Murray from Hawks. Murray can’t play with Brunson… so he got to go… good riddance!!
Guess you sticking with Thib’s did say anything.


Injuries or whatever? HC Thibs career have always been a first round playoff coach with a study excuse of injuries.
Our Knicks HC Thibs haven't change from playing only 7 players in a game rotation throughout the postseason games. A 7 player rotation are used in the FINALS, or conference finals. Not the first two rounds of playoffs.
Pacers HC Rick Carlisle used that for his advantage to win the series by playing a 9 man game rotation in all 7 games.

Dark .. Where u been all postseason .. You missed out on the Philly 76ers series, where we won the first two games without any help from Brunson's scoring. Plus you missed out on how the officials/referees handed Game 3 win to the Philly 76ers, and the officials didn't care who didn't like it. Bold!
Well, the NY fans didn't like it and showed up in masses to fill-up Philly arena for Game 4.
Our big NY crowd n noise guided us to our 3rd Knicks win in Game 4 in Philly.
Game 5 was an overtime Knicks loss in MSG, but our centers Mitch & Hartenstein wore the 48 minute Embiid down n out for the rest of the playoffs.
Game 6 was all Knicks ball for a 4-2 lead in the series.

The Knicks took the WIN in both Game 1 and Game 2 in MSG vs the Indiana Pacers.
We Loss both Game 3, and Game 4 (without Mitch n OG) in Indiana vs Pacers.
Game 5 in MSG Mr. Burks came off the bench to get the Game-Ball, and the win.
A rested Burks gave us One Knicks win away from getting to the ECF at the end of Game 5.
Well the next two Games were Pacers history.

The 4th season PG Haliburton are going to the ECF.
Dark .. was upset with Obi Toppin for 2 years bc the Knicks did not draft Haliburton.
After Game 7 .. Haliburton said, "we made it this far from having depth, we have the best 5 to 6 bench players in the league that keeps us in any game.". Obi Toppin is on that bench.

1) Brunson
2) Randle
3) OG
4) Hart
5) Hartenstein
6) Donte
7) Mitch Rob
8) McBride
9) Precious
10) Bojan
11) Burks
12) Sims
Our 12 man roster should have 60 wins like the Boston Celtics in the 2023-24 season.
Our 12 man roster should be 85% healthy to challenge the Celtics in the ECF.
How many of our 12 players will be on the Knicks 2024-25 season roster ???
I say not many after being beat in the postseason by the same-old method ...
HC Nate McMillian, HC Spoe, and now HC Rick Carlisle .. Bench Depth !!!
1. Randle
2. OG
3. Hart - not a big fan
4. Hartenstein - he has grown on me.
5. Precious - definitely
6. Burks
7. Sim - never use correctly…. Play him or trade him.

I stayed away from the start of playoffs because I didn’t want to jink them. As you know I’m not a fan of the Nova Knick. So I wanted to see how far they could carry us. I got my answer.
I was asked by Ski if I was going to pull for Knicks during the playoffs. I told him ‘lukewarmly’. I don’t like the direction of the Nova Knicks. I will not be a party to that idea.

Randle is probably very upset that he couldn’t play. I would have like to see what different he would have made in the playoffs. There be definitely rumblings about trading him now by some. If you notice I made him #1 on my list. Not a big fan because of how been used.

As for your coaching list I like Nate and the others. I would add Sean Silas. Not sure where Mike Miller is these days.

Halliburton expose the lack of preparation for that draft. Rose had no idea what to do so he took the college player of the year… safe pick..,. What could go wrong.

So many times I have over and over preach about having knowledgeable BB people in positions of authority. Rose was not knowledgeable or a good BB person.

1. No to D. Mitchell
2. No to LeBron
3. No to P. George

1. Yes to Murray
2. Yes to Ingram
3. Yes to J. Issac
4. Yes to J. Ivey