Boston Celtics at New York Knicks TNT Broadcast Recap

Wondering what else happened before, during, and after the Knick games, that’s not just about, the game? I recap with you various interesting, fun, and weird things that have gone on during all the Knick broadcasts including the ones on MSG Network, TNT, ESPN, and ABC.

Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks TNT Broadcast Recap – 1/6/2022

Notable Commentary By Brian Anderson And Stan Van Gundy

  • A head to head graphic of key Knicks and Celtics franchise notes including them being founded the same year, 1946, (SVG noted them being the original teams in the league) and their championships. Van Gundy said if any Knicks fans are upset at the one-sided graphic with the comparisons of the franchises, complain and e-mail the producer Tom Heitz who made the decision to show this.
  • Early in the third quarter Stan Van Gundy said he’s seen teams who play well in the first half in the second game of a back-to-back (the Celtics) and be in rhythm, but the legs get heavy as the game goes on so the Knicks could take advantage of this.
  • Van Gundy said “Freedom isn’t always good” after showing Enes Freedom by the free-throw line while Evan Fournier was left open again for a three by the Celtics. Brian Anderson then said that’s two Freedom jokes tonight. SVG then said Enes did them a favor by changing his name.
  • After Immanuel Quickley hit a free-throw Brian Anderson said the Knicks cut the lead to singles digits then Stan said he doesn’t think you can cut the lead to “single digits”, it’s “single digit”, which Brian Anderson called him smart for.

TNT Half-Time Report

– No idea what the background of this is, but Kenny “The Jet” Smith said Reggie (I guess Miller) sent him this barber shop advertisement with hair models while Kenny was in Vegas. The second one on top looked identical to a young Charles Barkley with a full head of slicked back hair, ’80s or ’90s style, and a thin mustache. Kenny said he was amazed by this. Barkley said it wasn’t him and he wouldn’t turn to the side. He wants people to look right at the money maker.

That wraps it up for the New York Knicks TNT Broadcast Recap! Be sure to check out the recap of the Knicks/Celtics game by the captain of the Knicks Online ship, rady.

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