New York Knicks at Minnesota Timberwolves MSG Broadcast Recap

Wondering what else happened before, during, and after the Knick games, that’s not just about, the game? I recap with you various interesting, fun, and weird things that have gone on during all the Knick broadcasts including the ones on MSG Network, TNT, ESPN, and ABC.

New York Knicks @ Minnesota Timberwolves MSG Broadcast Recap – Target Center – 12/28/2021

Knicks MSG Studio Crew Talk

Wally Szczerbiak wearing a snazzy dark red blazer tonight with a sparkling poinsettia on it and matching tie.

– Bunches of poinsettias are in front of the MSG studio desk. I guess since there wasn’t an MSG broadcast game on Christmas day they are being festive tonight.

– Because the Timberwolves are missing a lot of their players (including their top ones) Wally said their streak of twenty straight games with at least scoring a hundred points will end tonight.

– After the opening intro for the game the Target Center was shown with it snowing and snow on the ground. Surprisingly Mike Breen was then shown in the studio with just Wally. Before the break Wally was with Alan Hahn and Bill Pidto. Breen said they’re going to be there all week for protocols and Clyde is fine and on vacation. Breen said Wally is making Clyde proud with that suit then Wally pointed to his poinsettia saying “poinsetta power”. The broadcast from the studio, especially the festive theme, is cozy.

– In the post-game Alan Hahn said the Knicks’ greatest strength is always going to be their depth continuing that it’s great to know that you can pick just about anybody off the bench and get production.

– During the post-game Wally Wall Alan Hahn asked Wally how do you beat a zone (which the T-Wolves played against the Knicks throughout the game). Wally said, “ha haaa It’s easy to break a zone.” Just surround yourself with shooters and knock down some shots. It’s like target practice.


Cadillac Trivia Question 

Walt “Clyde” Frazier Is The Knicks All-Time Leader

In Triple-Doubles (23). Who Is Second?


Notable Commentary By Wally And Breen

  • In the first quarter after coming back from a time-out Wally said Mike Breen is having some technical difficulties with his headset so he’ll be going solo in his old stomping grounds (he was a T-Wolf) until the GOAT returns. Shortly after doing some play-by-play by himself Breen returned which had Wally relieved because he said he was sweating over there. I actually wanted to hear more of Wally do it on his own since it was brief.
  • At the end of the first quarter Breen accidentally called Wally “Clyde” then said to Wally he told him it’d happen.
  • Minnesota challenged a foul called on one of their players believing it was a clean block on Mitchell Robinson. Wally wanted Breen’s opinion on his idea that he thinks would be a good rule change. Wally thinks that if a team has a successful challenge in the first half, they get to keep their challenge in the second half. Breen agreed. While they were discussing this and the referees were reviewing the play Breen laughed and pointed out the “Curb Your Enthusiam” theme playing and said it was fitting for what was going on.
  • In the third quarter Breen laughed and said, “this is one of the ugliest games we’ve seen all year”. He also said, “even the free-throw shooting is ugly in this one”.
  • Clips of Wally Szczerbiak’s playing days with the T-Wolves were shown which Breen was doing play-by-play for one of the clips. Breen then asked Wally if he shall continue to do play-by-play for them then continued to do so with enthusiasm.
  • Breen was talking about the post-game coming up and asked Wally if he’s also going to be doing that. Wally said he is, doing the trifecta – pre-game, game, and post-game. Sadly we only got to see Breen in the studio right before the game.
  • After a commercial break in the post-game “The Corner Three” opened up with a non-sparkly poinsettia on Alan Hahn’s blazer which Bill called themselves “Pidto & The Pointsiettas”. Near the end of the segment Alan’s poinsettia fell off his blazer then Bill Pidto said Alan has been cut from the poinsettia rotation.

MSG 150 – Fast Notes

Grizzlies/Suns – Last night Ja Morant hit the game-winner for Memphis. Morant had 33 points. This was only the seventh loss for Phoenix this season.

Clippers/Nets – While newly signed Net Langston Galloway was shown Bill Pidto mentioned him being a former Knick then told us to listen to this then a clip from the Clippers’ broadcast from their game last night was played. Langston Galloway was shown hitting a three then the Clipper commentator went blank on who made it then both commentators laughed then the other commentator said he has “it written down right here” referring to his name. A graphic of Langston Galloway’s twitter response was then shown of him saying, “I’m Gone Make Them Remember Me! Stay Uncomfortable”. Galloway had three points in a 16-point win for the Nets.

Bucks/MagicRobin Lopez who’s on the Magic now was a having a WWE match with Bucks players (I’m guessing before the game) which Bill said he used to have when he was with the Bucks in the 19/20 season.


Cadillac Trivia Question

Walt “Clyde” Frazier Is The Knicks All-Time Leader

In Triple-Doubles (23). Who Is Second?

Answer: Micheal Ray Richardson (18)


That wraps it up for the New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap! Be sure to check out the recap of the Knicks/T-Wolves  game by the captain of the Knicks Online ship, rady.

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