Detroit Pistons @ New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap

Wondering what else happened before, during, and after the Knick games, that’s not just about, the game? I recap with you various interesting, fun, and weird things that have gone on during all the Knick broadcasts including the ones on MSG Network, TNT, ESPN, and ABC.

Detroit Pistons @ New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap – 12/21/2021

Knicks MSG Studio Crew Talk

– Just Alan Hahn and Pidto in the studio tonight. No Monica McNutt.

– At half-time Bill Pidto said this is the Knicks’ best defensive game of the season. This can’t be true considering the Pistons have five wins.


Cadillac Trivia Question

Earl Monroe Wore 3 Numbers As A Knick,

#15, #21 And What Other Number?


Notable Commentary By Wally And Breen

  • Mike Breen said “Butter” was his older brother Joe’s nickname as a player because of his jumpshot at “the great Selesian High” .
  • After Evan Fournier hit two threes in a row in the second quarter after having a slow start in the game Wally Szczerbiak said he’s “starting to percolate”, which Breen pointed out that’s a Clyde phrase. He likes that, but he said Wally has to come up with a few words to rhyme with it.
  • Wally noticed that Julius Randle’s been doing a lot of “DHO”, dribble hand offs.
  • Wayne Selden Jr. hit a three early in the 4th quarter which Breen said is his first NBA points in three years.

MSG 150 – Fast Notes

Philadelphia/Boston – Last night Joel Embiid had 17 of his 41 points in the 4th quarter in a win.

Utah/Charlotte – Last night Rudy Gobert had 23 pts, 21 rbs in a win. He was shown with a no-look pass to Bojan Bogdanovic for a lay-up. After that clips of Jazz Bear was shown from somewhere playing musical chairs with kids and shoved a girl then a boy to win a couple of times.

OKC/Memphis – After a record-setting 73-point blow-out Grizzly win against the Thunder a few weeks ago OKC won their re-match last night. Ja Morant was shown throwing a great two handed bounce pass to Xavier Tillman for the dunk.

Hansel-Emmanuel Donata clips were shown from the City Of Palms Tourney. Pidto said he’s been offered a Division 1 scholarship in Tennessee State.


Cadillac Trivia Question 

Earl Monroe Wore 3 Numbers As A Knick,

#15, #21 And What Other Number?

Answer: #33


That wraps it up for the New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap! Be sure to check out the recap of the Knicks/Pistons game by the captain of the Knicks Online ship, rady.


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